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How to Purchase and Turn On the Pro Exhibitor Plan
How to Purchase and Turn On the Pro Exhibitor Plan

Unlock more Exhibitor Booth features with our Pro Exhibitor Plan!

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Pro Exhibitor Plan

Our one-stop-shop event platform just got even better! We've expanded our native streaming service, The Accelevents Studio, availability to exhibitor booths! Our Pro Exhibitor is now available for purchase! With this plan, event organizers can offer exhibitors access to seamless live streaming and capturing additional leads using our built-in native streaming service, all from one place. See the steps below to get started:

To Purchase the Pro Exhibitor Plan

  • From your Admin Console > Settings > Billing. Under the Pro Exhibitor module, select the number of booths you'd like to purchase access for.

  • Once you've chosen the number you'd like to purchase, click Add.

  • You will see your total due populate > Click Activate & Pay and follow the prompts for payment to complete your purchase.


  • There's one Pro-exhibitor allotted for free, which you can apply to any booth. You can use this for a demo booth to show your exhibitors how it works. Once you test out the free pro-exhibitor, you can no longer re-assign it to another booth.

  • The cost is $99 per exhibitor per day of your event. This cannot be customized to only allow for 1 day of Pro-Exhibitor access for your multi-day event.

To Turn on the Pro Exhibitor Booths

  • From the Admin Console click Exhibitors & Sponsors. You will see a line advising how many exhibitor booths are available.

  • Click Settings for the booth > then turn on the Pro Exhibitor option.

Once this has been turned on, your exhibitors can choose Accelevents as the Stream Provider for their booth.

If you need to add more, you can just purchase more later.

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