Sponsors are all about advertising their logo and brand to your attendees. That's why it is important to know how you can maximize sponsor placing to get more exposure.

In this article you'll learn the following:

Where Do Sponsors Show Up in the Virtual Event?

1. Event Site Landing Page - Sponsors tab

While the event is not live yet, sponsors will appear on their own tab. This tab will contain the sponsors in the "card" form.

2. Virtual Event Hub - Lobby - Sponsors tab

Sponsors will have their own tab inside the Virtual Event Hub lobby once the event goes live. These are the same sponsor cards that you'll see in the event page sponsors tab mentioned earlier.

3. Virtual Event Hub - Lobby Carousel

The Lobby Carousel displays the carousel images of your event sponsors. This is located in the upper right corner of the virtual event hub, just above the chat area.

4. Virtual Event Hub - Session Carousel

When the attendee enters a session, another carousel will appear that can have both sponsor and exhibitor carousel images. By adding a sponsoring company to the session, your sponsor's carousel image will appear in that session carousel. This is applicable to all types of sessions except for Networking.

Added sponsors will also show at the Sponsoring Company tab below the session broadcast aside from appearing on the session carousel.

5. Sponsor tab inside the session broadcasts

Sponsors assigned to a session will appear under the broadcast video under the Sponsoring Company tab:

To assign Sponsors to a session, open the session details

  • You can add it while creating the session

  • Or go to edit the session by clicking the pencil icon

  • Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced Settings

  • Scroll down to Advertising

  • Select the Sponsors to add them to the session

How to create a Sponsor Card

There are a few ways to create a Sponsor card, you can make one from scratch, if you are about to create an Exhibitor that would also have their own Sponsor card, you can create both at the same time. Once created, both will be separate from each other, meaning - any edits on either one after creation will not edit the other.

You can also import a CSV file with the list of your Sponsors as well as create a Sponsor card from an already existing Exhibitor booth.

From Scratch

1. Add a New Sponsor

  • Navigate to Exhibitors & Sponsors inside your Admin Console

  • Select Sponsors

  • Click + New Sponsors

2. Add Sponsor Information

After adding a sponsor, it will open up a menu on the right side where you can add your sponsor information and customize the appearance of the sponsor card. Once created it will appear in the sponsors tab on the event page and virtual event hub.

  • Sponsor Name

  • Booth Size - choose the booth size (small, medium, large)

  • Sponsor Logo - (700 x 350 pixels)

  • Sponsor Card Image

    • Small - 256 x 256 pixels

    • Medium - 540 x 256 pixels

    • Large - 1112 x 256 pixels

  • Sponsor Carousel Image (300 x 150 pixels)

  • Short Description

  • Name Color

  • Short Description Color

  • Sponsor URL - add the sponsor's website URL or any other URL your sponsor provides

  • Include in Lobby Carousel - when turned off, the carousel image will not appear in the Lobby Carousel

  • Carousel Display Time - set how long the carousel image will be displayed in the carousel

Uploading your Sponsor booths using CSV

If you have a list of Sponsors you can add them from a CSV file. This will only create the Sponsor card with the name, entering each one and adding more information is still needed.

  1. Import Sponsors

    • Navigate to Exhibitors & Sponsors inside your Admin Console

    • Select Sponsors

    • Click From a CSV Upload

  2. Import your CSV file by dragging and dropping it or opening your file explorer

    • You can drag and drop the file on the upload box or

    • Open file explorer and select the CSV file

    • If you do not have a CSV file template, click the link that says here at the top to download a CSV template.

    • Once successfully uploaded, you will see the green bar at the top, you can close the window after this.

  3. From here you can open and edit each Sponsor and add more information.

    • Click on the pencil icon next to the Sponsor name to edit

    • The edit window will slide open at the right side for you to update and edit

Automatically create a Sponsor booth while creating an Exhibitor booth

In many cases, most exhibitors also sponsor events, and therefore, you may have a need to not only create an exhibitor booth but also a sponsor card for the same company.

If you want to learn more about Exhibitors and how to set up booths, click here.

Please note: This function allows you to create a corresponding Sponsor card for the new Exhibitor booth you are creating, once the sponsor card is automatically set up after you finish the Exhibitor booth, it will be separate from each other. Meaning, any changes after the creation, won't affect the other.

Details that will be carried over to the Sponsor card when creating it from an Exhibitor booth:

  • Logo

  • The exhibitor card will be the sponsor card image

  • Booth size. If the Exhibitor is set to be a large booth, the corresponding Sponsor card will also be large.

  • Short Description

  • Name color and short description color

  1. Create the Exhibitor Booth

    • Go to Exhibitors and Sponsors

    • Click on "Add Exhibitor"

    • Fill out the Exhibitor details as you need. In this example, the exhibitor name entered, go to the "Design" tab to upload the exhibitor logo, card, and carousel image:

  2. After entering details inside the Design tab, go back to Settings

    • Make sure to click on the toggle that says "Create Sponsor with same name" and hit save

  3. You can check the newly created Sponsor card in the Sponsor tab:

Already Existing Exhibitor Booths that you want to create a Sponsor card for

If you already have the exhibitor booth created and missed the chance to create a Sponsor card with it, you can still "duplicate" an exhibitor booth to be a Sponsor card.

Create a Sponsor booth from an already existing Exhibitor booth

  1. Import from list of Exhibitors

    • Navigate to Exhibitors & Sponsors inside your Admin Console

    • Go to the Sponsors tab

    • Click Import Sponsors

    • Select From list of Exhibitors

    • Select the Exhibitors you want to duplicate as a Sponsor from the list

    • You will see the booth name at the top as you select

    • After selecting, hit the Create button and close the window by clicking the "x"

Note: When creating a sponsor this way, it may take a moment for the sponsors to appear on the list. Please refresh your page.

How do I add a Sponsor to the Session Carousel?

First, you need to create your sponsor card as mentioned in the steps above, then you'll need to open your session details, you can add Sponsors to a session as you create them or edit your already existing sessions. Click here to learn more on how to create a session.

Open your Session Details

  • Navigate to Agenda & Speakers inside your Admin Console

  • Select the session and click edit (pencil icon). This will open a menu on the right side

  • Scroll down and look for Sponsors

  • Click the Sponsors field to select the sponsor from the dropdown

Note: Adding Sponsors to a Networking session is possible, but it won't appear in the session carousel it will only show up in the session box.

What Happens When the Sponsor Is Clicked?

If you added a Sponsor URL and someone clicks on the sponsor card or sponsor logo, then a new tab will open that will redirect to the sponsor URL. This also works if they click the sponsor's carousel image from the carousel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the sponsor URL be changed mid-event?

  • Yes, you can change the sponsor URL any time even while the event is live

Can I have two different URLs for a sponsor? One URL for the event site landing page and one URL inside the lobby?

  • A sponsor can only have one URL at a time, but you can change the URL anytime.

Are there sponsor analytics reports available?

  • Accelevents record how many clicks are done on each sponsor, this report is available in the Analytics tab.

Aside from clicks, can sponsors interact with attendees or generate leads?

  • This functionality is available for Exhibitors. You can read about it here.

What if I only want the sponsors to appear on the event page and not the virtual event hub?

  • You can turn the Sponsor tab inside the lobby area off by toggling the switch inside the Virtual Event Hub's Advanced Settings:

What if I turn off the option to show the carousel image in the lobby carousel, will it show in the session carousel?

  • Yes, it will still show on the session's carousel.

Can I have a gif for my sponsor logo?

  • GIF as a logo is not supported at the moment.

Can I have a gif for my sponsor card image?

  • Yes, as long as the GIF size follows the card sizes

    • Small - 256 x 256 pixels

    • Medium - 540 x 256 pixels

    • Large - 1112 x 256 pixels

Can a sponsor have 2 logos?

  • A sponsor can only have one logo at the moment

What happens if I add a sponsor to a networking session?

  • The Sponsors will appear on the Networking session's agenda entry like so:

Can I add sponsors as exhibitors?

  • Yes, you can create an exhibitor booth for the same sponsor.

Can I change the Sponsors tab label to something else?

  • Yes, you can change the Sponsor tab name inside the event site landing page and inside the Virtual Event Hub.

    • For the Event Site Landing page, navigate to Event Website > Event Landing page and rename the label under Configure Navigation

    • For the Sponsor tab inside the Virtual Event Hub navigate to Event Website > Virtual Event Hub > Advanced Settings and rename the label under Lobby Custom Label

Note: This tab name customization is not applicable to Starter and Scale plans.

Can I move the Sponsors tab to the left-side navigation of the virtual event hub?

  • This is not an option at the moment.

Can I add a sponsor logo to appear in the video broadcasting area of the session?

  • This is not a built-in feature at the moment. But you can definitely show the logo during live broadcasts by sharing your screen or adding the logo when you go edit your video for a Direct Upload.

Can you rearrange the order of the sponsors?

  • Yes, you can re-order sponsors by dragging the order icon before the Sponsor's name on the list

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