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Add sponsors to showcase their brand in different areas of the event

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Sponsors are all about advertising their logo and brand to your attendees. Knowing how to maximize sponsor placing is important to get more exposure. In the image below, the sponsor logo appears at the left corner, and the sponsor card image is the background.

Create Sponsor Cards

To start creating sponsor cards, navigate to the Exhibitors & Sponsors tab inside your Admin Console, then click Sponsors.

There are 5 ways to create a Sponsor Card:

Create a Sponsor From Scratch

  • Click + New Sponsors

  • Enter the Sponsor information on the right-side menu

Upload Sponsors via CSV

If you have a list of Sponsors, you can add them from a CSV file. You can only upload the sponsor name, card size, short description, and URL. Once uploaded, it will create sponsor cards where you can start adding more sponsor information.

Copy Sponsor From a Past Event

Easily import sponsors from a past event. Doing this will carry over previously uploaded images, other content, and settings.

  • Click Import

  • Select From a CSV Upload

  • Click the drop-down from Select a past event to import your sponsors, and then select the past event.

  • Select the sponsors you'd like to import from that event

  • Click Add Selected

  • Close the pop-up window when you are done

Copy Sponsors from Exhibitors

In many cases, exhibitors also sponsor events, so instead of creating a sponsor card from scratch, you can select an existing booth and save it as a sponsor card.

  • Click Import

  • Select From the List of Exhibitors

  • Select the exhibitor booths you want to add as sponsors

It will copy over the following information from the exhibitor booth:

  • Logo

  • Card Image

  • Size

  • Short Description

  • Name Color

  • Short Description Color

Note: After creating the sponsor card through this method, any new changes in the exhibitor booth will not be reflected in the sponsor card.

Create a Sponsor While Creating a New Exhibitor

If you're in the process of creating an exhibitor booth, you'll see an option to make the exhibitor a sponsor.

  • Navigate to Exhibitors & Sponsors inside your Admin Console

  • Select Exhibitors

  • Click Add Exhibitor

  • Enter your exhibitor details

  • Check the box for Create a sponsor with the same name

  • When you're done creating the exhibitor booth, you should the new sponsor in the Sponsors tab.

    Note: It will copy the same information as the method above, and any changes done in the exhibitor booth after creating it will not carry over to the sponsor card.

Sponsor Settings

Once you create a sponsor card, a menu from the right side will appear. You can also access this by clicking the 3-dot menu on the sponsor and clicking Edit. This menu will have 2 tabs with all the sponsor settings.

Sponsor Settings

Tab 1 - Basic Details

Note: Image uploads can be in PNG, JPEG, and GIF formats

  • Sponsor Name

  • Booth Size - choose the booth size

    (small, medium, large)

  • Sponsor Logo - this will appear in the lower left of the sponsor card

    (300 x 150 pixels)

  • Sponsor Card Image - this will appear as a background image of the sponsor card.

    • Small - 256 x 256 pixels

    • Medium - 540 x 256 pixels

    • Large - 1112 x 256 pixels

  • Preview - Here, you'll see what the Sponsor would look like. The Sponsor Card image will appear as a background, and the logo will appear on the lower left.

  • Sponsor Carousel Image - this image will appear on top of the lobby chat, and you also have the option to have it show on top of session chats

    (300 x 150 pixels)

  • Short Description - This will appear when you hover over the sponsor

    (up to 160 characters)

  • Sponsor Card Tag - The tag appears on the upper right of the sponsor. You can only add 1 tag per sponsor.

  • Name Color - sponsor name text color

  • Short Description Color - description text color

  • Sponsor URL - add the sponsor's website URL or any other URL your sponsor provides. When the sponsor card is clicked, it will redirect to that URL.

Sponsor Settings

Tab 2 - Placement

  • Show Sponsorship on Lobby Carousel - when enabled, the carousel image will be included in the Lobby Carousel. Disabling this setting will exclude the Sponsor from the Lobby Carousel.

  • Carousel Display Time - set how long the carousel image will be displayed in the carousel

  • Show Sponsorship on Sponsors List - when enabled, the Sponsor Card will appear in the Sponsors tab in the virtual event hub and landing page. The sponsor will still appear in the attendee app even if the toggle is turned off.

Add Sponsors to the Session Carousel and Sponsoring Company Tab

To make the sponsor appear in the session carousel and sponsoring company tab inside the session, you'll need to create your sponsor first. Then, in the session's Advertising settings section, select the sponsor. The carousel appears on top of the chat area, and the sponsoring company tab appears under the live broadcast.

  • Open the session details in Agenda & Speakers

  • Scroll down and click Advanced Settings

  • Scroll down again until you find Sponsor under the Advertising section

  • Select the sponsor you want to add to the session

    Note: When you add a sponsor to a networking session, it won't appear in the session carousel. It will only appear in the session box.

What Happens When the Sponsor Is Clicked?

If you add a sponsor URL and someone clicks on the Sponsor Card or the Carousel Image, a new tab will open that will redirect to the sponsor URL. This also works if they click the sponsor's carousel image from the carousel.

Where Can Sponsors Appear?

1. Event Site Landing Page - Sponsors Tab

2. Event Hub - Sponsor's Tab in the Lobby and Lobby Carousel

3. Sessions - Session Carousel and Sponsoring Company tab

4. Attendee App

The sponsor logo and name will appear in the attendee app. The image is clickable and will redirect to the URL indicated. It will appear in these areas:

  • Sponsors tab on the landing page

  • Sponsors icon in the event's lobby

  • Inside the session's details tab, if the sponsor is added to the session

Note: As a default, the Sponsor Logo is the image that will show in the app, but you can choose to show the Sponsor Card Image, which will apply to all Sponsors. Click the Configure Sponsors button on top of the Sponsor menu to change the image that would show.

You can also feature your sponsors in the attendee app carousel in 3 areas: My Events page, Landing Page, and Lobby.

Other Sponsor Settings

Change the order of sponsors

  • Drag the order icon before the Sponsor's name on the list to change the order of how sponsors would appear in the sponsors tab and carousel

Edit the sponsor tab label and hide the sponsor tab

For the Event Landing page:

  • Go to Event Website > Event Landing page and rename the label under Configure Navigation

For Event Hub:

  • Go to Event Website > Event Hub > Lobby

Note: Tab label customization does not apply to Starter and Scale plans.

Sponsor Analytics

  • Accelevents record how many clicks are done on each sponsor; this report is available in Analytics > Sponsors

Choose which image is shown in the Attendee App

  • Go to Exhibitors & Sponsors > Sponsors > Settings

  • Toggle which sponsor image you would like displayed in the Attendee app, the Sponsor Logo or the Sponsor Card Image

Note: Toggling one option will automatically disable the other. This will apply to all Sponsors in the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a sponsor have 2 logos?

  • A sponsor can only have one logo.

Can I have two different URLs for a sponsor? One URL for the event site landing page and one URL inside the lobby?

  • A sponsor can only have one URL at a time.

Can the sponsor URL be changed mid-event?

  • You can change the sponsor URL anytime, even while the event is live.

Can I move the Sponsors tab to the left-side navigation of the event hub?

  • No, it will only be available in the Lobby tab > Sponsors.

Aside from clicks, can sponsors interact with attendees or generate leads?

  • This functionality is only available for Exhibitors. You can read about it here.

Will the image show in the session carousel if it's turned off for the lobby carousel?

  • Yes, it will still show on the session's carousel as long as they are added.

Can I add a sponsor logo to appear in the video broadcasting area of the session?

  • There is a feature that allows you to add an image or video that appears before the session start; you can use this to showcase your sponsors. Click here to learn more.

  • You can also show the logo during live broadcasts by sharing your screen or adding the logo when you go edit your video for a Direct Upload, but there is no direct way to have it appear as an overlay to your video.

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