In general, sponsorship for virtual events is a largely untapped market but as the scope of the event world changes, the opportunities for sponsorships are shifting as well.

For a virtual event, the number of places where sponsors can be highlighted is almost endless. Some examples include:

Event Page

  • Event description area - you can add the logos of featured sponsors to the description area so that attendees can see them right away

  • Sponsor tab - have all the sponsors listed down on this page

Virtual Event Hub

  • Carousel - you can add a sponsor's carousel image to appear in the carousel and be able to set how long it can be seen in the carousel.

  • Feed / Activity Stream - you post your sponsor's logo, message or content, and add links to that post.

  • Sponsor tab - have all the sponsors listed down on this page

  • Call to Action button - you can add a featured sponsor logo in the left side navigation and when clicked the attendee will be redirected to a specified URL (e.g. sponsor's website)

  • Lobby and Expo Banner - you can add the sponsor's logo in the banner area which can be seen in the Lobby and Expo area of the virtual event hub, there's also a feature that will allow you to add a video in the banner.

  • Welcome Message and Video - you can add the sponsor logo or video and other info to appear as a pop up when someone logs in the first time to your virtual event hub

  • Session Sponsor - add a sponsoring company to a session, the sponsor logo will appear on top of the chat area

  • Networking - add a sponsoring company to a networking session, the logo will appear on the networking description area

  • Gamification - create challenges that will drive attendee engagement and reward participants, care of the sponsoring company.

  • Chat, Polls, and Q&A - other interactive opportunities that you can add to a sponsored session or an exhibitor booth

  • Push Notifications - send push notifications about your sponsors that attendees will see wherever they are in the virtual event hub.

  • Expo Area / Exhibitor booth - you can add your sponsors as exhibitors so that they may have an exhibitor booth that allows them to add a video recording, live streaming, live chatting with attendees, and add downloadable content. You can adjust the size of the booths, change the order of the booths and add a premium flag to the booth. Click here for more information on what to do as an exhibitor


  • Order Confirmation Email - you can add the sponsor's logo to the confirmation email that attendees receive when they register and buy a ticket

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