The Push Notification feature allows you to send notifications to your attendees while they are in the virtual event hub. It will appear as a pop up on the lower left corner of the virtual event hub.

You can use this feature to catch your attendees' attention for any announcements you may have for your event.

Send Push Notifications

  • In your admin console, navigate to the Engage tab

  • Select Send Push Notification

  • Click Create New

  • Send Push Notification To - select which devices you want to send Push Notification to (Desktop, Mobile App, or all devices)

  • Title - enter the title for your push notification

  • Message - enter the message content of push notification

  • Select Tickets - select which ticket types will receive the push notifications

  • Notification Icon - upload an icon that will appear on your push notification (dimensions are a minimum of 48x48 with a 1:1 aspect ratio). If you don't add anything, it will default to Accelevents logo.

  • Send Notification - select whether to send the push notification now or send later. If you choose to send it later, you'll be asked to enter the date and time.

Push Notification Appearance

The push notification will show the title, message, icon, and time stamp of when then notification was sent.

You are required to enter a title and message. The icon is optional and the Accelevents logo will show up if you don't upload one.

The message in the push notification can show approximately 95 characters. If your message is too long, a "Show More" hyperlink will be shown in the lower right hand corner of the notification.

Once clicked, the message will expand and the complete message can be viewed by using the scroll bar on the right side.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Push Notifications can I add?

  • You can add as many as you want!

Can I resend a Push Notification?

  • No, you'll need to create a new Push Notification.

Can attendees see the Push Notification if they are inside a session?

  • Yes, as long as they are inside the virtual event hub.

  • If they are just in your event landing page, they will not see the push notification.

Is there a limit on number of characters?

  • When adding the text in your push notification settings, it will not have a limitation, however it will only show approximately 95 characters when pushed then the rest of the message will appear when they hover on the notification. We suggest that you keep the message short on precise so it will not appear too crowded in your virtual event hub.

How long will the push notification appear on screen?

  • It will stay there until they click "x" on the upper right corner of the notification.

Can I set it that only specific attendees can see the push notification?

  • Yes, you may choose to send it to attendees that hold specific ticket types.

What happens when I send consecutive push notifications?

  • The notifications will stack above each other on the left side of the virtual event hub.

  • Attendee should click "x" on each push notification to remove them.

How many push notifications can be seen on screen at a time?

  • It depends on how big your screen is and if it's zoomed in our out, but on average about 5 push notifications can be seen on screen at the same time

Will speakers or exhibitors who don't have a ticket be able to see the push notifications?

  • Speaker or exhibitors who don't have a ticket will not be able to see the push notifications

Is there a way for attendees to opt out of the push notifications?

  • No, attendees cannot opt out of the push notifications

Can I add a gif as icon?

  • Yes, you can add a gif as an icon

Will this work even if you do not allow notifications on your browser?

  • Yes, it will still show even if notifications are not allowed on the browser.

Will this work for other browsers aside from Chrome?

  • Yes, it will work for other browsers, except for Internet Explorer which we don't recommend using for the event.

How will it look like on mobile?

  • If viewing the event from our Mobile App, Push Notifications will pop up in front of the event screen and must be dismissed before you can continue to browse the event. Please note that the Notification Icon will not display within the Mobile App at this time.

Is there an option to put a sound alert?

  • No, there is no option to put a sound alert.

Can the push notifications be moved to another area (e.g. center of the page)?

  • No, the push notifications cannot be moved to another area.

Is there a way to retrieve a push notification after they click X?

  • Yes, all previously delivered push notifications can be reviewed by clicking the bell icon at the top of the Virtual Event Hub.

Can a link be added to the Push Notification

  • Yes, but it will not be clickable.

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