Push Notifications

Send messages to your attendees wherever they are in the event hub!

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The Push Notification Feature

This feature lets you send notifications to attendees in the event hub and/or mobile app.

You can use this feature to catch your attendees' attention for any announcements you may have for your event.

Send Push Notifications

  • In your admin console, navigate to the Engage tab

  • Select Send Push Notification

  • Click Create New

Push Notification Settings

When creating a push notification, you must enter the title and message. If you don't add an icon, the Accelevents icon will be the default Accelevents icon.

  • Title - enter the title for your push notification

  • Message - enter the message content of the push notification or insert a link

  • Send Push Notification To

    • Select Devices - select which devices you want to send Push Notification to (Desktop, Mobile App, or all devices)

    • Select Audience - select which audience you want to send Push Notification to

      • Contact List - use custom recipients to type email addresses of recipients or use contact list to pick contacts from a contact list that was uploaded in Engage

      • Event Segments - option to send to all staff, all speakers, all exhibitors, all event admins, all organizers

      • By Ticket Types - all tickets are selected then you can remove ticket types that you don't want to send Push Notification to

  • Add Recipients- shown if custom recipients is selected as the audience

  • Select Contacts - shown if a contact list is selected as the audience

  • Select Tickets - shown if by ticket types is selected as the audience

  • Image - upload an icon on your push notification (PNG, JPEG, GIF - 48x48 with a 1:1 aspect ratio). If you don't add anything, it will default to the Accelevents logo.

  • Send Notification - select whether to send the push notification now or schedule it for later. You'll be asked to enter the date and time if you send it later.

Push Notification Appearance

The message in the push notification can show approximately 95 characters. If your message is longer than that, it will display a "Show More" hyperlink in the lower right-hand corner of the notification. When clicked, the push notification box will expand and double in size, and the rest of the message can be seen using the side scroller.

In the event hub, the notification will appear as a pop-up on the lower left corner of the hub.

Push Notification Behavior

  • You can create and send unlimited push notifications.

  • There is no limit to the number of characters in the message.

  • Push notifications will still show if the user has pop-up blockers or has disabled other notification browser settings.

  • Attendees can see push notifications as long as they are in the virtual hub, even inside a session or other areas in the hub.

  • The push notification will stay on the page unless the user clicks the "x" on the box.

  • Closed push notifications can be retrieved through the bell icon.

  • Multiple push notifications will stack above each other if unclosed. The most recent one will be on top.

  • About five push notifications can be simultaneously on the screen, depending on the screen size.

Push Notification Limitations

  • You cannot resend push notifications.

  • Push notifications will not appear on the event landing page.

  • Attendees cannot opt out of push notifications.

  • Push notifications do not come with a sound alert.

  • Push notifications cannot be moved to a different area.

  • Push notifications will work on all browsers except Internet Explorer.

Push Notifications on the Attendee App

Aside from getting push notifications from their computer browser, attendees can also receive them through their mobile device when logged in to the Attendee App. Check the article to learn about push notification behavior on mobile.

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