Push Notification in the Attendee App

Push notification can appear on mobile when attendees are logged in to the app

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Push Notifications on the Attendee App

Aside from getting push notifications from their computer browser, attendees can also get notified through their mobile device when logged in to the Attendee App. In this article, you'll learn where attendees will see the push notifications depending on what page they're currently accessing on the phone.

If you haven't created push notifications, click here to learn more.

Allow Push Notifications on Your Device

To receive the push notifications on your phone, ensure that notifications are turned on for the Accelevents App on your device.

Learn more about enabling notifications on an iPhone and Android.

Where will push notifications show on mobile?



Lock Screen

The user is logged in to the app and is on the lock page or is not using their device.

Approximately 140 characters will show on the lock screen.

Top Banner

The user is logged in to the app and accessing other areas on the device but not the app itself.

Approximately 70 characters will show on the top banner.

Attendee App

The user is accessing the event hub in the app. It will not show while the user is on My Events or the landing page; they must enter and access it from the bell icon.

The push notification does not have a scroller, so for long messages (over 1800 characters), the user may not see the OK button at the bottom to close it.

Note: If you have a White Label Attendee App, ensure the Accelevents App is NOT installed on your phone to receive push notifications.

What information will be shown in the push notification before clicking it?



Lock Screen & Top Banner

Accelevents Icon, title, and message

Attendee App

Title and message

Bell Icon

Title, message, and time it was sent

Note: Custom icons will not show in the app.

Where will push notifications redirect when clicked?

Clicked From


Lock Screen and Top Banner

If the app is running in the background, it will redirect the user to the last page they were viewing in the app.

If the app is closed, it will redirect to My Events.

When clicked, it will redirect to the app, but it will not open the push notification in the app. The user has to access it from the bell icon.

Attendee App

The full message will show if the user is already in the event. Clicking OK will close the notification.

Bell Icon

The notifications list will open, where they can view the title, message, and time it was sent. To see the complete information in a pop-up, the user can click it from the notifications list.

Note: Old push notifications can be accessed from the bell icon.

Are links clickable in the push notification?



Lock Screen & Top Banner

The links are not clickable. When the notification is clicked, it redirects to a page in the app.

Attendee App

The links are clickable and will redirect to the device's browser.

Bell Icon

The links are clickable from the pop-up.

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