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How Attendees Can Use the Attendee App in an In-Person Event
How Attendees Can Use the Attendee App in an In-Person Event

Our mobile app offers attendees easy access to various features and services, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable In-Person event experience.

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Using the Attendee App for an In-Person Event

While at an in-person event, attendees can use the Attendee App to check out the agenda and other event information. The session polls and Q&A feature can make the sessions more interactive. For larger events where attendees cannot meet everyone in one day, the app allows them to set up meetings and chat with other attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. Read the article below for the other benefits of using the Attendee App for your in-person event.

Please ensure you install the latest app version to see the latest updates.

Accessing the App Before the Event Opens

Before the event opens, attendees can log in to the app to see their QR Code, which will be used for check-in. When they click the event to reach the landing page, they can review the agenda and the list of event speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. This will allow them to schedule their day by checking which exhibitor booths they may want to visit and bookmarking sessions they want to join. You can also include a venue map so that they can plan their travel and hotel arrangements.

1. View the Ticket Information

When they log in to the app, they will see a ticket icon on the event listing page, and when clicked, they will see their ticket details. This has the QR code they must present to enter the event.

2. Review the Event Details

When they click the event, they'll see the landing page for more event information. The About area is mainly used for the event description, but you can also add instructions for your attendees and links they can click for more information.

3. Access the Sponsors' Website

The Sponsor section will show your sponsor logos. Attendees can click that and will be taken to the page URL attached to that sponsor. You can also use the Attendee App Sponsor Carousel to advertise sponsors in different areas of the ap

4. Check the Speakers Bio and Session Schedule

In the Speakers section, attendees can click on a speaker to check their bio and see the sessions where they are speakers.

5. See the List of Exhibitors

They can check out the list of Exhibitors to find out which ones they'll visit when the event opens. Knowing what booths are available beforehand allows them to schedule and prioritize which booths they should visit first.

6. Review the Venue Information

Providing attendees with a Venue Map will allow them to plan their trip. Some factors they may consider are their travel time, nearby hotels and restaurants, parking availability, and even accessibility. If you're already using the location feature, you may want to add an image of the venue facade or customize an easier-to-navigate map. In events with sessions and exhibitor booths, it may be ideal to have a floor map so attendees will know exactly where to go when they are inside the venue.

7. Check the Location through Google Maps

If you enter your event location, attendees can click on the Location section, and it will open Google Maps. This will make it easier for them to plan their trip and estimate how long they need to travel to get there.

8. Bookmark Sessions

On the Agenda section of the landing page, attendees can see the details of each session. To bookmark sessions, click Show All or Show All Agenda, then tap the star icon on the upper right of the session. When the star turns blue, that means the session has been bookmarked.

9. Add the Event to the Calendar

On top of the screen is a 3-dot menu with an option for attendees to add the event to their calendars. Once added, they can edit the alert options in the calendar event to ensure they remember the event.

10. Contact the Organizer

In that same 3-dot menu, attendees can contact the event organizers if they have any questions. This feature is the same as the Contact button on the landing page when accessing through a browser. Event admins will be notified through email if a message comes in.

Accessing the App Upon Arrival at the Venue

1. Check-In to the Event With QR Code

When attendees arrive at the event venue, they can present their QR code, which they can retrieve from the app to check in to the event. An event staff member will then scan the QR code from their device, or attendees can check in on their own through a Kiosk.

Accessing the App During the In-Person Event

When the event opens, they can click the Enter Event button on the landing page. Attendees can then explore the other virtual features of the event, such as sending chat messages, participating in session polls, Q&A, and more.

1. Profile Update

Once they enter the event in the app, they can click the profile button on the upper right corner of the page. This will give them options to update their profile and other settings.

2. View Their Schedule For the Day

They can see a My Sessions tab when they click the Agenda. This will show the sessions they bookmarked. Looking at the My Sessions tab is the easiest way for them to track their schedule for the day since it will only show all the sessions they are interested in.

3. Check-In to Sessions With QR Code

If the event has session rooms, attendees can also present their QR code at the entrance to check in to the session. As an event organizer, you can use this feature to track the number of attendees who attended the session. You'll need a staff member stationed at the entrance with a device to scan the QR codes.

4. Participate in Q&A

When the session is live, attendees can click the session from the agenda and then click View Details. They can click the details on top of the page to load the session activities, where attendees can post their questions in the Q&A section.

Traditionally, attendees are asked to stand up and go to the microphone to ask questions. Having the Q&A in the app allows them to ask their question privately. Please ensure that a staff member monitors the Q&A in the details tab to ensure any concerns or questions can be answered.

Note: Attendees can only join Regular and Main Stage sessions in the app if the event is in person.

5. Participate in Session Chats

Even if the session is in-person, attendees can chat online and through the app. The chat feature is visible in the session's details tab. This will allow attendees to engage more without disrupting the speaker.

6. Send Private Messages

In that same details menu in the session, attendees can send private messages to attendees in the same session by looking for them in the People tab next to the chat. They can also click the People and Chat button at the bottom of the page to search for other attendees at the event.

7. Connect With Attendees

The Connect feature is a great way for attendees to network with other attendees. In larger events, they may not have enough time to chase after other attendees they want to meet. By searching for their profile in the People tab, attendees can request a connection to introduce themselves. Attendees will also receive request and approval notifications through the bell icon.

There's also a Peer-to-Peer QR Code feature that allows attendees to connect with other attendees in an instant during an in-person event. Instead of searching for the attendee in the app, with just one scan of the QR code, they can view the attendee's profile and add them as a connection.

8. Set Meetings With Attendees

The My Meetings feature allows attendees to schedule meetings with other attendees. They can enter the date and time of the session and other details in the notes, such as location and topic.

9. Explore Exhibitor Booths

Aside from visiting the actual booth, attendees can check out the booth's company information in the app. There's also an option to request a meeting and chat with exhibitors. This is another avenue to communicate with exhibitors, especially if they are busy entertaining in-person booth visitors.

10. Send Contact Information to Exhibitors Through the QR Code

While in the in-person booth, attendees can give their name and email to the exhibitor by showing their QR code. This is a much easier way to give information than writing it down. The exhibitor will scan the QR code, and the attendees will be added to their leads list.

11. Earn Gamification Points

If you have gamification challenges, In-person attendees can earn points when they visit the booths in the app and perform other actions in the booth. They may also get points for checking in to sessions.

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