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Request Meetings Through the Attendee App
Request Meetings Through the Attendee App

This feature only allows meeting requests. To do other actions, like accepting meetings, attendees will need to access through a browser.

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While in the Attendee App, attendees can request a meeting with other attendees by clicking their calendar icon from their profile in the People tab or clicking the calendar icon from the private chat thread with the attendee. From here, attendees can indicate the preferred meeting date and time and add a note to the request. Attendees can also view all meetings and be able to accept, reschedule, or reject meeting requests.

Important Notes:

  • The app's meeting feature does not include virtual meetings. To do virtual meetings, attendees must log in through a browser to start the video call.

  • Please ensure you install the latest app version to see the latest updates.

If you don't have the app yet, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play. Log in and enter the event once you have the app on your phone.

Request Meetings Through the Attendee App

1. Through the People Tab

Once you're in the event, click People at the bottom. Here, you will see the list of attendees for the event. Click the attendee's name. This should load the attendee's full profile. Click the yellow calendar icon below the attendee's profile picture and name.

Enter the desired meeting date and time. Make sure to select the correct time zone. You can also add a note letting them know about the meeting. Then click Send Request.

2. Through a Private Chat

If you sent a direct message to an attendee, you should see the yellow calendar icon on the upper right corner of your screen. Click that to send your meeting request.

View Meetings Through My Meetings

If you want to view all your meetings, click the My Meetings icon in the Lobby. Here, you can see your meetings and accept, reschedule, or reject meeting requests.

You can also access Meetings through your profile while inside the event.

Set your Meeting Availability

To set your availability, click your Profile at the top of the screen.

Then select Settings - this will show you the meeting settings, messaging, notifications, visibility, and availability.

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