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The Attendee App

The Attendee App allows attendees to retrieve their QR code, join the event on mobile, chat with other attendees, check out booths and more.

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Please ensure you install the latest app version to see the latest updates.

Attendee App Functionality Overview

As an attendee, you'll be able to do the following in the app:

  • Check in to the event venue using your QR code

  • View and join events that you have registered for

  • Bookmark sessions

  • Check in to in-person sessions using your QR code

  • View live main stage and regular sessions and replays

  • Engage with other attendees via the live chat

  • Join the conversation by responding to polls or submitting questions

  • Comment in the lobby feed

  • Join gamification challenges and view the leaderboard

  • Explore speaker and attendee profiles

  • Connect with other attendees through the People tab

  • View scheduled meetings with attendees

  • Request meetings with other attendees

  • Reject or approve meeting requests from other attendees

  • Explore exhibitor booths and engage with booth representatives

  • Share your information with exhibitors using your QR Code

Download the App

Download the app to your device. The attendee app is now available for download for iOS and Android users. It has many useful functions for both in-person and virtual attendees.

Magic Link Log In

Make sure you already have a ticket to log in. If you previously created a password, you can just type in your email and password, and you're in!

If not, you can click a link in your email to log in without a password.

Sending a Magic Link to yourself is the easiest and fastest way to log in.

After downloading the app, enter your attendee email address, click Continue with Email, and click Send magic link. Once you get the email, click the link to log in to the app. That's it! Event admins can also send you the magic link email.

My Events Page

When you log in, the first page you'll see is the list of events you have registered for and your profile icon in the upper right corner. The event shown on top is the latest. It will show the event name and date.

Ticket & QR Code

You should also see a ticket icon on the event card. When you click that, you should see your QR code and other information about your ticket. You can show the QR code to event staff to check in to the in-person event and sessions and show it to exhibitors to share your personal information.


  • If you have several tickets for the event, you can swipe to the left to see the rest.

  • Sometimes, the My Events page is skipped depending on what link from your email you clicked to log in; sometimes, you will be redirected to the event's landing page.


When you click your profile from the My Events page, you'll see the following menus:

  • Edit Account & Profile - update your profile information, change your password, and delete your account.

  • Terms & Service - review the terms & services of Accelevents

  • Privacy Policy - review the security policy of Accelevents

  • Log Out - lets you log out of the attendee app

When you enter the event and access your profile, you'll see additional menus:

  • Meetings will show you all your meetings and allow you to accept, reschedule, or reject meeting requests.

  • My QR Code will show you your event QR code and allow you to scan another attendee's QR code to connect with them.

  • Settings will show you the meeting settings, messaging, notifications, visibility, and availability.

Event Landing Page

After clicking an event from the My Events page, you'll be redirected to the event landing page. This screen is equivalent to viewing the Event Landing Page through a browser.

While on this page, you have these options:

  • Check out the event description and other information, such as the venue map, location, and organizer name.

  • Check out the speakers' profiles and see what sessions they are hosting

  • Review the list of sponsors and exhibitors

  • Enter the event if the event is already open by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen.

Inside the Event

Once you click the Enter Event button, you will be taken to the virtual event hub, where you can start joining sessions and interacting with other attendees.

Top Navigation

At the top of the screen, you'll see 3 icons visible when you access any menu at the bottom, except the bell icon - this is only available in the lobby.

  • Bell - click this to see your notifications (welcome video, meeting requests, event push notifications)

  • Chat - lets you access all the chat rooms for sessions and lounges you've joined. You will only see the booth chat rooms if you've joined and chatted in the booth through a browser. You can also see your direct messages to other attendees here and send messages from here without being inside the session or accessing the attendees' profiles.

  • Profile - this allows you to edit your profile information and settings.

Bottom Navigation

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see 5 buttons that will take you to other event areas.


When you enter the event, you will land in the Lobby. On top, you'll see the event name and date, and when you click that card, you can view the event's description.

In the middle of the screen, you'll see several cards or buttons to click to see the information or action behind it.

Important Notes:

  • Event admins can hide these buttons from the app except for QR Scan, so as an attendee, you may not see all of them.

  • Event admins can also rename the button labels except for Main Stage Sessions, My Meetings, Gamification, and QR Scan.

  • Event admins can also add custom buttons.

Lobby Buttons

  • Feed - this is where event announcements are posted. Attendees can comment and react to posts there.

  • Sponsors - this will show you the list of sponsors. If you click a sponsor, it will redirect you to their website or other associated links to the sponsor.

  • Info Desk - more information about the event (FAQ, Overview, Documents & Links)

  • Gamification - this will show you the leaderboard and challenges.

  • Main Stage Sessions - this will show you all the main stage sessions where you can bookmark the session, add it to your calendar, join the live session, or view the recording.

  • My Meetings - this will show you all your meetings and allow you to accept, reschedule, or reject meeting requests.

  • QR Scan - allows attendees to scan each other's QR code to view the attendee's profile. This also allows attendees to scan the in-person session QR code to check in to the session.

  • Lounges - allows attendees to join a "hangout" lounge where they can interact with other attendees who are interested in the same subject.

  • Venue Map - This will show an image of the venue.


The second button at the bottom of the screen is Agenda. when you click this, you'll see 3 tabs:

  • Sessions - all sessions where you can join live or view the recording.

  • My Sessions - list of all sessions you bookmarked (blue star) and sessions you joined.

  • Speakers - list of all speakers where you can view their profile and see which sessions they are involved in.


  • Attendees cannot join workshops and networking sessions through the app; they need to access the event through a browser to join.

  • For in-person events, attendees can click the View Details button (instead of Join Session) when they open the session to join the session's activity area (chat, people, polls & Q&A)

  • "Break" sessions in hybrid and virtual events will also have a View Details button (instead of Join Session) to join the session's activity area (chat, people, polls & Q&A)


The people button in the middle will show you all the attendees at the event. You can click the attendees' names to see their profiles. You can also use the filter options to narrow down your searches.

The People menu has 3 tabs that will show you different categories:

  • All Attendees - click the attendee name to view their profile. There is also an option to connect, chat, and book a meeting with them from their profile.

  • Connections - this will show all your attendee connections.

  • Suggested - this will show the list of attendees with the same interests as you.


When you click the Expo button, you will see the list of exhibitor booths. You can also view booth lists by category. Just click an exhibitor booth to see their company information and more.

While in the booth, you can do the following:

  • View videos

  • View the company details

  • Check out the available offers

  • Buy products

  • Download documents

  • Chat with company representatives - click the chat icon to start chatting

  • Request for a meeting or drop your name card - click the button under Company Details


The right-most button at the bottom of the screen is the Menu button, which has the same function as your profile button on the upper right.

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