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The event notification feature alerts you if there is an occurrence that concerns you, like when someone sends you a direct message, requested a meeting or tries to connect with you.

Event Notifications

There are five places where you'll get a notification:

  • Bell icon - on top of the page beside your name

  • Chat icon - on top of the page beside the bell icon

  • Left arrow button (additional alerts) - left side of the chat area

  • Push Notifications - floating alert on the top right corner or bottom left corner

  • Email Notifications - sent directly to your email address

These icons and button notify you on different occurrences:


Action done

  • Connection requests

  • Received / missed calls

  • Meeting requests

  • Past push notifications

  • Past welcome video

  • Direct messages received

  • Direct messages received

  • Lobby chat

  • Session chat

  • Exhibitor chat

  • Lounge chat

  • Any announcements you may have for your event.

  • Upcoming session reminder

  • Meeting requests

  • Upcoming meeting reminder

From the People tab, your profile will have buttons that will allow other attendees to contact you. When contacted, you'll get a notification.

  • Connect - click to request for a connection

  • Meet - click to request for a meeting

  • Video - click to start a call, this icon only appears if you’re already connected to that attendee

  • Chat - click to send a private message

  • Note: A green check would indicate you're already connected with an attendee.

Bell Icon Notification

The Bell Icon gives you notifications on calls, connections requests and meeting requests. Once a request is made a notification badge in red will appear on the bell icon. The number represents the number of notifications you haven't opened yet. When you click that you’ll see the details of the request and actions needed to be done.

Chat Icon Notification

The chat icon alerts you if you get a new direct message. A notification badge appears in gray color instead of red. The number represents the number of notifications you haven't opened yet. When you click that, it will open the chat channels menu where you can find your direct messages.

Additional Alerts

Aside from the bell and chat icon, the left arrow button also serves a notification icon. Instead of a notification badge, It will flicker if there's a new message, and turn the arrow to a number, indicating how many unread direct messages you have.

When that left arrow button is clicked, it opens the chat channels menu, wherein you can go to different chat channels without leaving the page that you're viewing.

To make sure that you get additional notifications, click on your profile and select settings. In settings, go to the notifications tab, enable the notifications and sound alerts you want to receive, and click save.


  • When notifications are enabled for specific channels, the chat arrow button will flicker indicating new messages. If it's off it will not flicker.

  • When you are mentioned in a specific channel, the chat arrow button will flicker.

  • When notifications are off, but you are mentioned, the chat arrow button would still flicker.

  • The chat arrow button only transforms into an unread message counter for direct messages.

  • Sound alert notifications only work when browser notifications are also turned on.

Push Notification

As an attendee, you may also receive push notifications. You'll get automatic notifications for upcoming sessions, meeting requests, upcoming meetings, and other announcements from the event organizer. It's the best way to alert you so you don't miss out on anything while the event is ongoing. If you accidentally close out the push notification, you can click the bell icon to view it again.

Note: You will still receive push notifications even if you don't allow notifications on your browser.

Email Notification

As an attendee, you may also receive an email notification if you are offline or logged out of the event.

To make sure that you'll receive email notifications, go to Edit Profile > Privacy and turn on the toggle for Send Me Notifications When I'm Offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified if my request was accepted or rejected?

  • Yes

How soon do notifications come in?

  • You are notified in real-time and it will also tell you how long ago was the notification.

Will I be notified when a meeting is accepted?

  • Yes, this should be enabled from your profile.

  • In the upper right corner, click your name to access your profile.

  • Scroll down below.

  • Toggle on offline email notifications.

  • Note: If toggled off or disabled, then there will be no email notifications.

Can you delete notifications?

  • Yes, just click on the trash bin icon.

How long will notifications be there?

  • Notifications will remain unless you delete them.

  • For those notifications that require a response "accept", "ignore" and the like, once a response has been selected that response notification would disappear.

How do you clear notification badges?

  • Once notifications are read, those badges would clear.

Does the exhibitor's Call to action button notify the exhibitor admin?

  • No, the booth's call to action button is tied to the booth. Notifications are tied to a profile.

  • They will get a notification if you reach a company representative.

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