Your Guide to the Accelevents Attendee App

Your go-to reference for navigating our mobile application efficiently.

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Now that you have successfully registered for the event, it's time to map out your agenda. Through the Accelevents Attendee App, you'll have all the essentials for full event access right at your fingertips.

Getting Started

Head to the app store (iOS / Google Play for Android users) to download the Accelevents Attendee App to your phone.

The easiest way to log in to the app is to click the Join or View Event button from the email you received upon registration. This way, you can log in without creating a password.

Note: Ensure the Attendee App is not running in the background before clicking the button from your email. The app has to be closed to log you in automatically.

Navigating the App

The Event Landing Page is the first page you'll see if you log in directly from your email.

Think of the Event Landing Page as your central hub, allowing you to read about the event information, browse upcoming sessions, explore the venue map, add the event to your calendar, and check the list of speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors.

You'll know the event is open if the Enter Event button is clickable.

Meet the Speakers

Get to know the industry-leading speakers at the event!

Click on a speaker to discover their unique backgrounds through their bios, and check out which sessions they’re participating in.

Agenda Overview

From the event landing page, check daily sessions by selecting the date. Click the session to see what it's about and the speakers for each session.

Once inside the event, you'll find more options to search, filter, bookmark, and add the sessions to your calendar.

Build Your Agenda

Once the event opens, you can start building your agenda to help keep track of the session you want to attend.

Choose your own adventure and fully curate your agenda within the app with a quick tap: bookmark a session by clicking the star on the upper right of the session block, and boom, it's been added to your personal agenda in My Sessions.

Note: bookmarking a session does not save a seat.

Add Sessions to Your Calendar

If you want to sync sessions to your work or personal calendars, you can easily export the session by clicking the session card from the Agenda page and tapping the calendar icon on top. This will allow you to save the session to your calendar.

Networking and Community

Community-building is central to any event; attendees can network and get to know fellow event-goers IRL and online through the app! Browse the People page to search for other attendees, start chatting, and even book meetings!

You can see all your chats by clicking the “chat bubble” icon at the bottom right.

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