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Set a personal agenda by bookmarking sessions!

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Keep Track of Your Preferred Sessions

Some events would carry an overwhelming number of sessions. You can just plan ahead and set your personal agenda by using the bookmark feature.

Bookmark Sessions

Bookmarking does not necessarily reserve you a seat in the session; this would still depend on the event admin settings. What it generally does is it adds the session to your favorites list or what we call "My Sessions"

Whether you're on the event landing page or event hub, bookmarking a session can be done by accessing the Agenda. Click Bookmark on a session, and then it will update to Attending when you've successfully bookmarked a session.

To view bookmarked sessions, go to My Sessions

Bookmark Sessions in the Attendee App

The attendee app also has an Agenda section. From the Sessions tab of the Agenda, click the star icon to bookmark the session. When the star icon changes to blue, you have successfully bookmarked the session.

Restrict Bookmark to Session Capacity

As mentioned earlier, bookmarking does not automatically pre-register an attendee to a session, but you can change the behavior to make bookmarks count toward the session capacity.

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers

  • Select Settings

  • Enable Restrict Bookmarks to Session Capacity

Once this is enabled, attendees who try to bookmark a session after the capacity has been reached will get the error message "This session is currently full; check back later."

Frequently Asked Questions

Are attendees required to bookmark sessions?

  • No, bookmarking is optional.

Aside from being able to set a personal agenda, does bookmarking a session have any other benefits?

  • Yes. Some sessions have an attendee capacity limit; bookmarking the session saves you a spot!

Only sessions from a specific date show up on the agenda. What should I do?

  • Make sure that you've selected All Dates when viewing the agenda.

Can I view past sessions that were bookmarked?

  • Yes, turn on the toggle to show past sessions, and you can view the recording of the past session.

I accidentally bookmarked a session. Can I remove it?

  • Yes, click the Attending button, and it will revert to Bookmark.

Can speakers bookmark their own sessions?

  • No

Can event admins bookmark sessions?

  • Yes, event admins can bookmark sessions.

What happens If the session has a capacity restriction and the toggle to "Restrict Bookmark to Session Capacity" is disabled?

  • Registrants will still be allowed to bookmark the session even if the session capacity has been reached.

Can I still attend a session that I did not bookmark?

  • Yes, you can, as long as the session capacity isn't full yet.

How will attendees know if their bookmarked session pre-registered them or if it was only added the session to My Sessions?

  • There is no option for them to determine whether their bookmarked session pre-registered them or only added the session to My Sessions since only event admins can see the restrictions set for the sessions.

  • We suggest that if you are setting a capacity to sessions, enable the toggle to Restrict Bookmark to Session Capacity

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