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Using the Chat Feature in the Attendee App
Using the Chat Feature in the Attendee App

Connect and engage with fellow attendees seamlessly through our user-friendly chat feature on the Accelevents Attendee App.

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The Chat feature in the attendee app will allow an engaging way to communicate with other attendees at the event while on the go. In this article, you'll learn how to participate in session chats, exhibitor chats and send direct messages to attendees using the app.

Please ensure you install the latest app version to see the latest updates.

Important Notes:

  • This feature is still in beta, so some features that work in a browser may not work in the app.

  • You won't get any notifications in the app if there's a new chat message.

  • A deleted message will still show in the app but will be completely deleted if you view it from a browser.

  • Reacting to a message won't show in the app, but those accessing the session through a browser will see the reaction.

  • Replies through a thread can only be seen in the app if you click "Reply in a Thread" again.

  • There is no backstage chat in the app.

  • Admins and speakers cannot delete attendee messages from the app.

  • There is no option to block an attendee from the chat through the app.

  • There is no option to pin messages.

  • Attendees can only join the app's Main Stage, Regular, and "break" sessions.

Using the Chat Feature in the Attendee App

How to Send Chat Messages

  • To participate in the chat, simply type your message and hit send.

  • You can add emojis or attach pdf files or images to your message.

  • Hold down a message to see other options, such as replying in a thread, copying the message, and reacting to the message.

  • If you're holding down your message, you'll see options to edit or delete the message.

Where to Send Chat Messages

Session Chat

If you're in a session, there should be an Activity tab where you'll see the subtab for Chat.

This is where you can see messages from other attendees in the session.

And at the bottom, you can type in your message and hit send.

Note: Attendees can only join Main Stage, Regular, and "break" sessions in the app.

Send Private Messages While in the Session

While in the Activity tab of the session, you'll see a subtab for People.

This is where you can see the attendees who entered the session. If you want to send them a direct message, click the chat icon on the right to open a private chat thread between you and that attendee.

Send Private Messages to Exhibitors

If the booth has company representatives, click the chat icon next to their name inside the booth to send them a direct message.

Note: The booth chat channel is unavailable in the app (coming soon!). To send booth chat messages, you can access the event through a browser.

Send Private Messages Through the People Section

The People Section will show you everyone that has entered the event. You can search for an attendee from this menu and then message them.

Click their profile, then click the chat icon below their name. This will open a private chat thread between you and that attendee.

The Chat Section

When you open the Chat section by clicking the chat icon at the bottom, it shows you all the chat channels you participated in and your private message threads. You can check the chats depending on the category on top.

From here, you can click on a channel or the attendee to reply. You won't need to return to the session or booth to reply if you've sent a message once in that channel; you can easily access that channel through the Chat button.

While in the Chat Section, you should see a compose button allowing you to search for an attendee, then send them a message directly.

In-person Session Chats

If the event is in person, and you try to access the session in the app, instead of seeing a "Join Session" button, you'll see a "View Details" button when the session is live. When you click that, it will show you all the same information found in the Details tab in a virtual session. On top, if you click Details, you'll see the Activity section where you can chat with other attendees.

Chat Settings

As a default, you can accept direct messages from other attendees, but you can change that setting once you enter the event.

  • Click your profile

  • Select Settings

  • Disable the toggle to Accept Direct Messages

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send attachments, such as images or documents, through the Chat Feature?

  • Yes, you can! The Chat Feature supports the ability to send attachments. Tap the attachment icon (paperclip) within the chat interface and select the file you wish to send.

Does the chat feature in the Attendee App work in in-person events?

  • Yes, it does! Except for booth chat channels, this is only available for virtual and hybrid events.

Why is the Lounge Chat Empty in the App?

  • The Lounge chat may appear empty in the app if you haven't logged in to your browser and joined a lounge yet. To access the lounge chat from the attendee app, you must first log in to your browser and join a lounge there. Once you have successfully joined a lounge through your browser, it will be accessible in the attendee app, and you can participate in the chat. Only lounges you have joined through your browser will be visible and available for a chat in the attendee app.

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