The Calendar Invite
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The Calendar Invite

The Calendar Invite allows attendees to add your event to their own desktop / browser calendars (Google, Outlook, iCal and Yahoo).

Editing the Calendar Invite Description

  • Go to Registration > Order Confirmation

  • Scroll down to Calendar Invite Customization

  • Type in your description

Where can attendees click the invite and add it to their calendars?

1. Event Page

  • appear in the About tab, below the date and time

2. Confirmation and Reminder Email

  • On top

  • In the body

  • At the bottom

3. Agenda

  • appears on each session

  • when the attendee adds this to their calendar, the description that would show is the direct link to that particular session

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I disable the calendar invite feature or just one of the calendar invite types?

  • The calendar invite cannot be disabled. However, the calendar invite will also be hidden if you hide your event dates from your landing page. To hide your event dates, please contact our support team to have this done.

What can I edit in the calendar invite?

  • The only area that you can edit is the description area

  • There is no option to change the calendar invite label, date, and organizer

Can I add images or videos to the calendar invite description

  • No, that's currently not an option. It will not reflect when added to the calendar

Can I add formatting to the text?

  • No, that's currently not an option. It will not reflect when added to the calendar.

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