Exploring the Event Agenda

Learn how to search, bookmark, join, and check other session information

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Explore the Agenda Through a Browser and the Attendee App

The event agenda within Accelevents isn't just a schedule; it's a roadmap to unparalleled engagement, learning, and networking. Whether you're an event organizer seeking to captivate your audience or an attendee curating your agenda, understanding how the agenda works is key to having a better event experience.

If you still need to add your sessions and speakers to the agenda, click here to learn how.

The Agenda can be found on the event landing page and the event hub's lobby; several options are on top to further filter your view.

View Sessions by Date

On the upper right, there is a dropdown to select whether to show all the sessions or show sessions from a specific date. If you check the agenda before the event day, it will default to showing you all the sessions, but if you check during the event, it will show you the sessions for that day.

Note: The date and time will show in your own timezone unless the organizer has changed the event date and time to be static - which will then show in the event's timezone.

Search for Sessions

If you're looking for a particular session, click the search icon and type in a keyword, and it should only show sessions with that keyword in the title, short description, or full details.

Filter by Tracks or Tags

To search for sessions by category, you can click the Filter Tracks & Tags button to select the category. You can even combine tracks and tags in your search.

Show Past Sessions

This toggle will always be turned off as a default if the event is in the future or is happening right now. And it will be turned on if you're accessing the event when it's over.

Bookmark to Add to My Sessions

On each session block, you'll see a "bookmark" button before the session opens. Click that button to add the session to your My Sessions tab. This is a great way for you to mark your favorite sessions and properly schedule your own agenda.

View Speakers

Aside from viewing speaker profiles through the Speakers tab in the agenda, each speaker will also appear in the session block. You can click their profile picture to see more information, including their bio and their sessions.

Join Sessions and View the Recording

When the session starts, the bookmark button will change to "Join," and once clicked, it will take you to the live session broadcast. If the session is in the past and there is a recording attached to it, the button will change to "View Recording." When you click it, you'll have the option to select which clip you want to watch.

Agenda Layout

On the top right, you'll see 2 options for the agenda layout:

  • Session Blocks View - this is the default view, where each session information is in a block with easy access to bookmark or enter the session.

  • Session List View - this is a simple timeline view, and to bookmark or enter the session, you'll need to click on the session name to get you to the other options.

Session Blocks View

Session List View

Note: Some sessions may show side by side in the session blocks view. These are sessions starting at the same time.

Session Blocks

On the left side of the session block, you'll see the session date and start time, which changes to "Live Now" if it's a current session.

In the session block, you'll see the following information:

  • Session Name

  • Session Start and End Time

  • Session Type

  • Duration

  • Location (for in-person and hybrid events)

  • Session short description

  • List of speakers - This will show the profile pictures of the first 5 speakers and the full names and titles of the first 2 speakers. When you click a speaker, it will show the speaker's full profile and their sessions.

  • Add to Calendar button - this allows you to add the session to your calendar, which will have the virtual session's direct link in the description.

  • Session button - the button label changes depending on the session status (future, present, or past)

When you click a session block, it will show you the full session details, and if you're accessing the agenda in the event hub, it will show you the attached downloadable files and links for the session.

Viewing the Agenda in the Attendee App

Similar to accessing the event agenda through a web browser, the agenda is also accessible on the attendee app's event landing page and event hub. However, there are a few distinctions:

  • You can only filter sessions by date on the app's landing page agenda.

  • The toggle for displaying past sessions and the ability to filter tags and tracks are located in the filter button within the app's agenda when viewed within the event hub.

  • Sessions are presented in blocks; a conventional list view is not available.

  • The documents and links can only be seen if you're inside the session (live and on-demand)

  • To bookmark a session, simply tap the star icon located in the upper right corner of the session block.

  • The option to add a session to your calendar becomes available after clicking on the session to view more details. Look for the calendar icon in the upper right corner of the page.

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