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Tags and Tracks

Tags and tracks can be used to filter sessions to make it easier for attendees to look for sessions that are of the same topic or category.

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Tags and Tracks

What is a Tag?

If you're familiar with hashtags (#) used in social media, you'd understand a tag because that's exactly how it works. A tag is a keyword that relates to your session.

For example, if you have a session called "Making Money Out of Your Hobby," your tags could be DIY, crafts, and many more, depending on what would be discussed during the session.

What is a Track?

Categorization is important as it helps your attendees browse through your sessions. This is where tracks come in. Tracks are used to categorize or group your sessions. The main purpose of adding these is for your attendees to easily recognize the sessions that they would find interesting.

For example, if you have several sessions that focus on a specific topic (e.g., Customer Service), it's best to add relevant tracks for each so you're attendees can easily sort the sessions out.

Creating Tags and Tracks

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers

  • Select the Tags or Tracks tab

  • Click Add Tags or Add Tracks

  • Enter the tag name or track name in the pop-up box

  • Click Create

  • If you're adding a track, you can change the track color and add a description. The description is only for internal use; attendees will not see this.

Adding Tags and Tracks to Sessions

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers

  • Click the 3-dot menu, then select edit. This will slide in the Session Details menu.

  • Scroll down to Tags and Tracks

  • Search and select the tag or track you created

Filter Using Tags and Tracks

  • Go to the Agenda tab on the main event page or the virtual event hub

  • Click Tracks & Tags

  • You can select the tags or tracks you want to see. It should only show you the sessions with those selected tags or tracks.

  • If you're filtering a track, you'll see the track name in the session

  • If you're filtering a tag, you won't see the tag name in the session, but if you click on the session name, you'll see more details of the session, which will include the tracks and tags for that session

If simultaneous session scroll is enabled, the track will appear as a single letter, and when you hover over it, it will show the full track.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many tags and tracks can be created?

  • There is no limit to the number of tags and tracks you can create.

How many tags and tracks can I add in a session?

  • There is no limit to the number of tags and tracks you can add in a session.

Is there a character limit when creating a tag name or a track name?

  • Yes, there is. It's limited to 50 characters each.

Can I add spaces to the tag and track names?

  • Yes, you may.

Is it possible to have a track and not add a tag and vice versa?

  • Yes, it is.

Can I change the text color of the tag and tracks?

  • No, you cannot change the text color, you may only change the background color of the tracks.

Can I make ticket restrictions based on tags or tracks?

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