Managing Your Session Recordings

Open your session for editing and select the Recording tab

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In this article, you'll learn where to find your session recordings and how to manage them. You will have options to hide recordings, delete, crop clips, upload more recordings, and more.

Locate The Session Recordings

To find your session recordings, open your session for editing and select the Recording tab. Note that this tab will say "Broadcasting" if the session is still in the future. Once the session is over, you should be able to access the Recordings tab.

The latest recording will be on top of the list, with the recording name indicating the date and time when it was recorded. You can also see the duration of each recording.

Recording Menu Options

When the session ends, the Broadcasting tab will change to the Recording tab, where you'll see other options for your session recordings. Note that you can access the recordings and other recording options if the session is already in the past.

  • Upload another recording to a session MP4, MPEG or MOV up to 1GB)

  • Change the order of the recordings

  • Preview the recording

  • Download the recording file

  • Trim the video file and save it as a new clip

  • Change the recording name and add a description

  • Delete the recording file

  • Hide the recording from attendee view

You will have several clips if the broadcast is stopped and started again, so even your tests in that same session will be listed in the Recording tab if you recorded them. The recordings that are set as visible in the list are what your attendees can watch when they click the View Recording button from the event hub.

View the Recording as an Attendee

To view the recording after it has ended, attendees must click the View Recording button from the session in the event hub. If the session has only 1 visible recording, attendees will see the video right away. For sessions with multiple recordings, attendees will see a pop-up after they click the view recording button, where they can select which of the recordings they want to watch.

Once inside the session, they should see the Recordings tab, where they can select other video clips to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the recording from different stream providers appear in the Recording menu?

Is there a way for all the recordings to play continuously?

No, the recordings will be shown per session, and the attendee needs to click on each recording to play them.

If I have a session waiting media video, will that also show in the recording menu?

  • Yes, as long as it's a video.

  • If I mistakenly delete a recording, can it be retrieved?

  • No, it cannot be retrieved once it's deleted.

Is there an option to use the direct upload stream provider and stream multiple videos in 1 session?

  • No, there isn't. The session must be in the past to upload another video, and attendees can choose it from the recording menu.

Is there an option to watch multiple videos in 1 session when the session is live (happening now)?

  • No, there isn't.

Can my speakers record their talk through the studio and have them play during the session?

  • Yes, they can record their talk and upload it using Direct Upload as the stream provider. They can download the recording of their talk from the recording tab of the session.

Is there an indicator of which video is playing?

  • Yes, there will be a "playing" label on the video tile that is playing in the recording menu.

Is there an indicator for the attendees that they have already watched the video?

  • No, there isn't.

Will all the clips show in the attendee app?

  • No, only the first clip on the Recording tab from the Admin Console will show in the attendee app.

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