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How Do I Crop Videos and Put Together Multiple Recordings?
How Do I Crop Videos and Put Together Multiple Recordings?

Crop the dead air out of your videos and combine recordings to make it a whole!

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In this article, you'll learn how to crop out parts of your live session recordings. Removing the "dead air" at the beginning or end of the video will make it more seamless.

If a broadcast in the Accelevents studio is interrupted & restarted for any reason, this will result in multiple recordings. But fret not! You'll also learn to combine them into one recording for your attendees.

How to Crop Recordings and Splice Multiple Recordings

Cropping the Recorded Video

When your session ends, you'll see the option to crop your video through the admin console.

Important Notes:

  • Clip trimming is only available within 30 days of the event's end date.

  • It will allow you to crop out only the beginning and the end; there is no option to splice the video and crop content in the middle.

  1. Find the session in Agenda & Speakers, then click the pencil icon.

  2. You will find the Default Playback section in the session details menu. Click Preview to watch your video to determine the new start and end time. Enter the new Start and End Time in seconds, then click Create Clip.

  3. The new clip will appear as the last in the Default Playback dropdown. It will show the date when it was created and its duration. For the example below, the session was live and recorded on 10/24/2022, while the new clip was made on 11/07/2022. Ensure to select the new clip so that this is the video that your attendees see when they watch the replay.

Combining Multiple Recordings and Uploading The New Video

The whole process involves downloading the recordings and using a 3rd party video editor to combine them. Once they are combined, you will upload the new file to your session.

Note: If you're doing this process and your event is already over, you may not be able to upload the video since the event is in the past. Just contact us through chat so that we can make adjustments.

  1. First, go to the Agenda & Speakers page & click to edit the session you want to combine the recordings for. Once you've opened it up you will want to change 3 things:

    • Add a keyword like "OLD" to the front of the session name, to signify that this is the session with the spliced recordings

    • If your session was on the main stage, switch it to a regular session, freeing up the session's time slot on the stage

    • Mark the session as hidden by clicking the green eye icon

  2. Download ALL recordings for that session from the Default Playback area

  3. Open your favorite video editor (Ex. iMovie, Adobe Premier, Movavi), create a new project & upload ALL recordings from the session. Arrange the recordings into the correct order of the session & if desired, make any other edits. Once satisfied with your new video, download it as an MP4 or MOV.

  4. Back in your Admin Console, create a new session. Use the same name, date, time, session type, description & all other information as your original session. The goal here is to replicate it in every way!

    Note: The only differences should be that the original session is hidden & that if applicable, was switched from the main stage to a regular session.

  5. In the Stream Provider area of your new session, choose the Direct Upload option & upload your new complete recording.

  6. Once the file is uploaded, visit the Virtual Event Hub and head over to your Agenda & from there, the new session with the complete recording will be available for attendees to watch. They will not see or be able to access the original session with your spliced recording.

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