The Speaker Profile that appears in the Speaker tab can only be edited by the event admin through the admin console, but the event admin can give speakers permission to edit some of the information in their profile while they are logged in to the event. In this article, you'll learn how to do all that and more!

Adding Your Speaker's Bio

After adding your speaker through the Agenda & Speakers tab, the right-side menu for speakers will slide in. The required fields are First Name, Last Name, and Email.

The rest of the fields are optional but it would look nice if you fill out everything so that attendees can learn more about the background of your speakers. These are the other fields you can add:

  • Pronouns

  • Title

  • Company

  • Bio - a short description about the speaker, you can add links, images, and videos here.

  • Profile Picture - 200 x 200 pixels jpeg, png, or gif

  • Links to social media accounts - LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter

On the event page speaker tab, the speaker profile will show the speaker's name, title, company, and bio.

When you click on the speaker's profile, it will show the bio and all the sessions that the speaker is involved in.

The social media buttons will only appear in the Speaker's tab from inside the session.

Allowing Speakers to Override Their Profile Details

If you turn on the "Allow this speaker to override their profile details" toggle, these are the details that they can edit while they are in the virtual event hub:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Pronouns

  • Title

  • Company

They will be editing this the same way attendees edit their profiles by clicking their names and selecting Edit Profile from the dropdown. If they change those details, it will reflect both in their speaker profile and attendee profile.

If "Allow this speaker to override their profile details" is turned off, they will get the message "Some Fields are disabled as Override Profile Details disabled for Speaker." and the fields will be greyed out.

You will notice that there are also About Me and Social Media fields in the virtual event hub profile, but if the speaker updates those fields, it will only appear in their attendee profile (from people tab) and not in their speaker profile (from speaker tab). It is completely separate from the fields you updated in the admin console.

Managing Attendee Access

Your speakers are not automatically attendees to all sessions. They can only attend sessions where they are involved in. If you want to give them full access to sessions, then you'll need to give them a ticket. The easiest way to do that for your speakers is to give them a ticket while you're editing your speaker's bio.

  • Select which ticket type you want to give to your speaker

  • Click Apply. This automatically issues a ticket to your speaker.

Note: If the speaker has already entered your event, you won't be able to give attendee access from here anymore, but you can still do it from the Attendees > Add Attendee tab.

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