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Adding a New Speaker & Adding a Speaker to a Session
Adding a New Speaker & Adding a Speaker to a Session

Assign speakers to their sessions so that they can access the session to practice and to broadcast live.

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Adding and Assigning Speakers

In your admin console, you'll be able to add a list of your speakers and edit their bio that appears in the virtual event hub. To ensure that they can access their sessions, you need to assign speakers to their sessions. Once you do this, they will get an email to access them.


Add a New Speaker

Once logged into your Accelevents account, enter the Admin Console for your event. Click on the Agenda & Speakers tab from the navigation bar.

Choose the "Speakers" tab from the top of the page, then click Add Speaker. Fill out all information for your speaker. If desired, add a photo and links to their social media. We suggest a 1:1 image, preferably 200 x 200 pixels. Click here to learn more about the preferred image dimensions.

Turning on the "Allow this speaker to override their profile details" toggle allows speakers to edit their names, pronouns, title, and company while in the virtual event hub.

You can also manage the attendee access of your speaker. You can assign them a ticket that allows them to attend sessions other than their own. Select a ticket type from the drop-down selection and click apply. When the drop-down selection is grayed out, and you can't select a ticket type, this means the speaker has already entered the virtual event hub, and you can't assign them a ticket anymore. You'll have to give them a ticket manually through the Attendees tab.

If you change the speaker's email address after you've given them a ticket, you need to provide them with a ticket again, as the previous one applies to the old email address.

All information will be automatically saved. After editing your speaker, click "X" to close the editor.

The Sessions tab beside the Bio tab will show all sessions to which the speaker is assigned.


  • If you didn't add a profile image for your speaker, the profile image that your speaker adds when they edit their profile in the virtual event hub will be the image that appears.

  • The 'speaker profile' changes will automatically update the speaker's Attendee profile.

Import Speakers

If you have a long list of speakers, you can add them using a CSV file.

  • Select Agenda & Speakers > Speakers

  • Click Actions > Import Speakers

Change the Order of Speakers

You can re-arrange the order of speakers as they appear on the event site and virtual event hub.

  • Click on the arrows to arrange your speakers alphabetically in descending or ascending order.

  • Drag the collapse icon downwards or upwards to change the order of the speakers manually

Delete Speakers

To delete a speaker, check the box next to the speaker's name, then click the Delete button on top. You can bulk delete speakers by checking all the boxes before clicking Delete.

Customize and Disable the Automatic Speaker Invite Email

When you add speakers, they automatically receive an automatic email invite that has 2 links for your event: the studio link for the session (if you selected either Accelevents Studio or Accelevents RTMP as the live stream provider) and the link to the My Speaking Schedule page in the virtual event hub. If you want to edit the body of the email and plan to send this later, you need to go to the Agenda Settings to customize and disable it.

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers > Settings

Add a Speaker to a Session

  • Click Agenda & Speakers from your admin console.

  • Click the 3-dot menu of the session to which you want to assign the speaker, then click edit.

  • Click the Speakers tab in the right-side menu.

  • Search for the speaker in the Add Existing Speakers field by clicking it or typing the speaker's name.

  • Click the speaker's name from the drop-down to assign them to the session.

Resend the Speaker Invite Email

If you want to resend the speaker invite email, just click the calendar icon from the speaker tab inside the session details.

Hide from Speaker List

You can hide a speaker from the list. This is usually done for moderators that will not be speaking in the session and for staff that will just share a presentation. If a speaker is hidden, they will be hidden both from the Speaker Tab and the list of speakers in the session in the Agenda tab.

Go to the Speakers tab of the Session, then disable the toggle for Show list of speakers. It will be greyed out once disabled.

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