Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your slides are being seen by your audience properly when using our platform. Whether you are using dual screens or not, making sure you are presenting the correct screen or window is important

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Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation

On a Single Screen

When a speaker presents a PowerPoint, the 'Play from Start' button will open the PPT in full-screen mode. This leaves no accessibility for the speaker to view chats, launch polls, or answer questions in the Q&A. However, there is a way to start the slideshow so that the PPT opens in an application window instead of fullscreen!

To use the 'Window' method, follow the steps below:

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation, select the Slide Show tab and then click the Set Up Slide Show button.

  • Select the Browsed by an individual (window) option and de-select the Show scrollbar option.

This allows the speaker to present in a floating window, and they are free to navigate on other apps on their device.

  • To make sure that viewers can only see the PowerPoint presentation, navigate to the 'Window' tab inside the sharing options and select the slide presentation.

Like so:

Presenting on a Dual Screen

Having a dual-screen when presenting is advisable as it gives you more space to work with. Note that Presenter View on dual-screen also maximizes both screens and has no option to be played inside a window. It is still best to set it to be browsed by an individual window and play it from there.

When presenting, choose the correct window to show the slideshow.

Using Mac's Keynote Presentation

Just like how a PowerPoint presentation takes up the whole screen by default, Keynote also does the same, but it can also present inside the window by selecting 'Play Slideshow in Window'.

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