Simultaneous Session Scroll
Have concurrent sessions appear side-by-side in the agenda
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The simultaneous session scroll feature displays your concurrent sessions side-by-side, and you can easily navigate them by clicking the right and left arrows in the agenda.

How to Enable Simultaneous Session Scroll

  • Go to Event Website

  • Select Virtual Event Hub

  • Select Agenda & Sessions

  • Scroll down to Additional Settings

  • Toggle On Enable Simultaneous Session Scroll

After enabling the feature, check your agenda on the event page and virtual event hub. The sessions starting at the same time should appear side by side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the simultaneous session scroll function with all session types?

  • Yes, all sessions scheduled to start simultaneously will appear side-by-side if the simultaneous session scroll is enabled.

What will the agenda look like if the simultaneous session scroll is disabled?

  • The sessions will show as a list.

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