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The Event Website Tab
The Event Website Tab
Design the look of your event page and virtual event hub
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The Event Website tab allows you to customize the look of your event. From here, you can upload your logo and other images, customize button colors, hide tabs you don't need, and more. Click the Event Website tab from your admin console from the left navigation to start.

You should see these categories to customize:

Event Landing Page

You can customize the content of your event landing page from here. You can upload images, adjust the colors, customize the navigation tabs, edit the page URL, and show or hide other page components like the organizer's information and social media sharing options. In Advanced Customization, you'll be able to add custom CSS so you can customize other interactive elements of your events' landing page. You will also see a preview of your event landing page at the bottom.

Virtual Event Hub

You can customize the content of your virtual event hub from here. You can upload images and customize navigation, lobby, and session tabs.

Theme Customization

You can customize your virtual event hub colors from here. Choose colors for your event's navigation, header, session buttons, and labels to match your branding.


You can customize your app's kiosk mode design and settings. Choose colors for your kiosk, upload a background, and include a sponsorship logo.

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