Kiosk Customization

Customize your kiosk's design and settings.

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Designing Your Kiosk

The Kiosk customization menu in your Event Design tab lets you update your kiosk's design to match your overall event branding. To access this menu, go to Event Design > Kiosk.

Kiosk Design Tab

The design tab lets you change your kiosk's colors, background, and messages.

Design Customization

  • Primary color - color used for buttons and primary elements

  • Secondary color - color used for the background of the page's elements

  • Home screen background - main background image of your kiosk

    Note: accepted file formats are jpg, png, and gif, while the minimum dimensions are 1366px X 1024px (ratio 683:512)

Advanced Customization

  • Show Sponsorship Logo - This option allows you to add a sponsor logo to the lower left corner of the kiosk. Only one sponsorship logo can be added. File formats accepted are jpg, png, and gif, and the minimum dimensions are 250px X 83px (ratio 250:83).

Live Preview

On the right side of the design tab, you can preview the kiosk in portrait and landscape mode.

Kiosk Check In Tab

The Check In tab gives you more setting options.

  • Allow QR Code Scanning - allows attendees to scan the QR code from their confirmation email

  • Allow Search - allows attendees to search for their registration using the options you've selected. The available search options are:

    • Full Name

    • Email address

    • Ticket number

    • Phone number

  • Search Auto Complete - kiosks will display possible matches when attendees enter their name

Kiosk Confirm Tab

The Confirm tab is an added optional step that allows attendees to confirm and edit selected fields appearing on their badge before printing it.

Note: The confirmation page does not appear in the kiosk if you only check in attendees without badge printing.

Enable the toggle for fields you'd like the attendees to view and confirm, and tick the Editable boxes next to the fields if you allow attendees to edit the information.

Kiosk Settings Tab


Enabling reprinting will allow badges to be reprinted by attendees or event staff.


Enabling the Kiosk PIN will replace entering the login credentials to exit the kiosk. Instead, typing a 4-digit PIN will exit the kiosk for all users.

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