Attendees in an in-person event can now check in through a kiosk. This makes check-in faster and hassle-free. They can scan their QR code or search for their ticket number through the kiosk to check in, then click the button to print their badge.

To use this feature, make sure to download the Admin App to your iPad.

Note: This feature is not available on the mobile app.

Once logged in to the app, click the 3 dot menu on the upper left and select Check In Attendee. Select your event, then click "Activate Kiosk Mode"

Once Kiosk Mode is activated, attendees can check in by selecting whether they want to scan their QR code or enter their information.

While in Kiosk Mode, attendees won't have any access to the other features of the admin app. To exit kiosk mode, you will be required as an admin to enter your credentials.

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