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Theme Customization

Change the virtual event hub colors including the navigation, header, session buttons and labels

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The Theme Customization menu in the Event Hub tab under the Event Design section allows you to customize the colors in the virtual event hub to match your branding.

Important Note: Some customizations may not be available on lower plans. Please get in touch with your account manager to upgrade your plan.

Theme Customization

Select Theme

As a default, your event will be in light mode. Dark mode is also available for those who prefer light-colored text and other user interface elements over a dark background.

Important note: light theme settings will be lost if you switch to the dark theme. If you go back to the light theme, some of your color customizations in the light theme may go back to the default colors.

Enable Advanced Customization and Reset to Default

When the toggle for Enable Advanced Customization is turned on, the color customization options will appear below.

When you click Reset to Default, any color changes you've made will return to the original colors.

General Colors

This section allows you to customize the colors of your virtual event hub header and text, left-side navigation background, and button text.

Agenda & Sessions Colors

This section allows you to customize the colors of your bookmark button background and text, join session button background and text, session name, time, countdown, and speaker name.

Session Type Background & Label text color

This section allows you to change the color of the session type labels. The color you pick will be the color of the text, and the background will be the same color with 8% opacity.

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