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Exploring Exhibitor Booths in the Attendee App
Exploring Exhibitor Booths in the Attendee App

Learn how to access booths, interact with exhibitors and download booth files through the Attendee App

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Exhibitor booths are one of the most unique elements of any event. It allows attendees to interact with the event exhibitors while it is an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products and services. With Accelevents Attendee App, attendees can chat with exhibitors, learn more about their services and products, and download information from the booth.

Please ensure you install the latest app version to see the latest updates.

Access the Expo in the Attendee App

Once you enter the event through the attendee app, click the Expo button at the bottom of the screen. This will display all the Exhibitor booths from the event. At the top of the page, you search for exhibitors by booth name and filter by category.

Tap the booth to enter. The booth content is organized similarly to the web version, with different tabs for the Video, Company Details, Offer, and Products.

Note: You may see a Live tab for streaming. However, this won't work in the app; please access the event through a browser to join the Live stream in the booth.

What Can I Do in the Attendee App Expo?

Aside from checking out the booth videos and other company information, as an attendee, you can request an exhibitor to contact you, chat with the online representatives, and download files from the booth. If you're at an in-person event, you can show exhibitors your QR code from the app to give them your contact information.

Meeting Request

You'll see a Request a Meeting button in the Company Details tab. When you click this, you'll be notified that "Your Request Has Been Received. We Will Be In Touch!"

Exhibitors will see your request along with your name and email address. They will reach out to you with the meeting details.

Chat with Exhibitors

At the bottom of each tab, you'll see the section for Company Representatives. Click the chat button next to their name to send them a direct message. When the messaging page opens, you'll also see an option to connect with them and request a scheduled meeting.

Download Documents

Like the company representatives, you'll also see the Documents & Links section in all tabs. Simply click the file to download to your device. If you click a link, it will open in your device's browser.

QR Code Scanning

If you're at an in-person event, you can show your QR code to an exhibitor, and they can scan it to get your name and email address.

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