Exhibitor Lead Capture Through QR Code
Exhibitors can easily add the attendee's information by scanning their QR code
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One of the main reasons exhibitors join events is to connect with potential leads or customers and expand their professional and social networks. Exhibitors can easily collect their information in an in-person event by scanning their QR codes through the Accelevents Attendee App.

Note: You must be an exhibitor admin or a lead retriever to use this feature.

As an exhibitor, you can log in to the attendee app and enter their information directly through your phone or tablet. You don't need to bring out an actual paper and pen sign-up sheet!

The first step is for the attendee to locate their QR code so that you can scan it. After scanning, the attendee's name will appear, then you can add the other information they give you, like phone number, email address, and additional notes.

1. Find the QR code in the app

After logging in to the attendee app, attendees will be on the My Events page, where they can see a list of all the events they have tickets to. They need to click the Ticket icon of the event, and it will then show the attendee's QR code along with their ticket details.

Note: Attendees can also find the QR code in the PDF attachment in the order confirmation email and the My Tickets tab when logged in to the account.

2. Scan the QR code through the app

As an exhibitor, you can log in to the attendee app to input your lead's information.

  • Log in to the app

  • Enter the event

  • Click the profile icon in the upper right corner

  • Select the My Booth tab

  • Click Add Lead By QR Code. This will open your mobile camera

  • Scan the attendee's QR code using your mobile camera

  • After scanning, you should see the attendee's name and email populated. You can now enter the other personal information given to you by the attendee.

If the attendee cannot give you their QR code, you can manually enter their information. From the My Booth tab, select Add Lead Manually.

Click the Leads List from the My Booth tab to check the saved lead information.

You can download the leads list either through your phone or computer when the event is done.

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