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Exploring the People Tab in the Attendee App
Exploring the People Tab in the Attendee App

With the "People" tab in the Attendee app, you can expand your professional circle and make valuable connections at the event!

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You can forge new connections with other attendees who joined the same event as you by clicking the People tab in the Attendee App.

The People tab in the app has similar functions to the People tab accessed in a browser. In this article, you'll learn what limitations the app's people tab has compared to the browser's people tab.

Please ensure you install the latest app version to see the latest updates.

Accessing the People Tab in the App

Once you've entered the event from the Attendee App, click People at the bottom. Find attendees easily in the People tab using search filters for name, company, job title, or interests.

You can also search by clicking any of the 3 sub-tabs:

  • All Attendees - this will show all the attendees who have entered the event.

  • My Connections - this tab will show only the attendees you are connected with.

  • Suggested - this will show attendees that may have entered the same interests as you.

If you click on an attendee from the list, you'll see the rest of the information about the attendee, and below the attendee's name, you'll see other buttons that will allow for more interaction with that attendee.

Connect Button

To connect with another attendee, click the Connect button right below their profile picture to send a connection request. The button will change to gray with a check mark, and a confirmation message below will show that a connection request has been sent to the attendee. Once the attendee approves your request, you will see them added to your Connections tab.

Meet Button

You can also set up a meeting request with another attendee by clicking the Meet button in yellow right below their profile picture. Enter the proposed date of the meeting, select a timezone from the dropdown and the preferred timeslot, and enter a short note as an option. Click the Send Request button when you're done and ready to send the meeting request.

Important Note: The meeting feature in the app only allows you to set appointments. The actual meeting can only be done through a browser.

Once the attendee approves your meeting request, you will see it listed in the My Meetings tab from your Profile.

You will find the approved meeting along with its details and status by going to the Lobby and clicking the My Meetings button.

Chat Button

You don't need to be connected with an attendee to start chatting with them. Simply click the chat button to send them a message. You can also exchange files by clicking the attachment icon.

Click the Chat button on the lower right to check for new direct chat messages, as well as chat threads from other areas in the event.


The bell icon next to your profile picture on the upper right will show a blue dot for connection and meeting requests, as well as whether an attendee has accepted or rejected the connection and meeting requests you've sent them.

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