Customizing your profile as an event attendee is an important step when joining an event as this will allow you to showcase your profile to other attendees and interested vendors. Displaying relevant information about you is a great way to start networking with other event attendees.

Updating Your Profile In the Virtual Event Hub

Whether you are an attendee, speaker or exhibitor, you can customize your profile in the virtual event hub.

If it's your first time to enter the virtual event hub, you will immediately see a pop up that will allow you to edit your profile.

If you decide to update your profile later, just click your avatar at the top right corner of the screen and select My Profile.

Basic Details

  • Profile photo - should be 360 X 360 pixels (1:1)

  • First and last name - maximum of 50 characters each

  • Pronouns - maximum of 10 characters

  • Email Address - the email address you used for this event, it will only be visible to you

  • Title - your job title or position in your company

  • Company - your company or organization name

  • Video Intro - add a video introduction (e.g Youtube link)

  • Bio - a short self-introduction

  • Social Media - add your social media URLs (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn)


  • Wants to learn - things you would like to learn or know more about

  • Knows - your expertise

  • Wants to meet - the type of people you want to connect to whether you are looking for a personal or business connection

  • Interests - select from the preset tags. This helps you get matched with other attendees having the same interests in a networking session.
    Click here to know more about Matchmaking for Networking


  • Accept Meeting Requests - when enabled, it allows other attendees to schedule a meeting with you

  • Accept Direct Messages - when enabled, it allows other attendees to send you a private message by clicking the chat icon on your profile.

  • Receive Offline Email Notifications - when enabled, you will be able to receive email notifications when a meeting or connection request has been sent

  • Show Contact Info to Exhibitors - when enabled, your information will be shared with your connections and exhibitors

  • Show my profile info on the People tab during events I attend - when enabled, your profile will be visible in the People tab for this event

  • Allows Calls and Videos from Attendees not Connected with - when enabled, other attendees will be able to call you by clicking the camera icon on your profile

  • Share my profile info with my connections and the event organizer when they download their contact lists - when enabled, your information will be included in the report in the Download Connections button

Meetings & Connections

  • Set Meeting Availability - this pulls up a calendar allowing you to select your availability, which shows up when people set up a meeting with you.
    Click here to learn how to set your meeting availability.

  • Download Connections - when clicked, this downloads a CSV file of your connections (email, first name, and last name)

To see how your profile would look like, go to the People tab and look for your profile card and click it!

Updating Your Profile In the Event Landing Page

You might notice that when you're in the event landing page, there is also a My Profile tab when you click the Account button at the upper right corner.

In this My Profile menu, you'll be able to edit the following contact information:

  • Profile photo

  • First and last name

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Address

This information is not shared with the attendees in general. However, this may be shared with your connections, exhibitors, as well as the with the event organizers when they download their contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit my virtual event hub profile in advance?

  • Speakers, Exhibitors, Admins, and Staff may edit their virtual event hub profile in advance since they can enter the event even before it starts. On the other hand, attendees may only edit their virtual event hub profile once the attendees are allowed to enter the event, which is normally 30 minutes prior to the event.

Why can't I edit my name and pronouns?

  • If you are a speaker, this is most likely because the event admin has this section toggled off:

    Please reach out to the event admin to have this option toggled on.

Can I add other photos or files to my profile?

  • No, you can't. You may update your profile photo and a video intro, though.

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