One of the main reasons why people attend conferences is to connect with others to expand their professional and social networks. With Accelevents, you can send private messages to other attendees and have one-on-one video meetings with people you meet in the virtual event!

Here are some of the features of the People tab:

Connect with an Attendee

Click the People tab from your virtual event hub to start connecting with other attendees. In the People tab, you will see all the attendees. By clicking the Connect Button, you will send a request to be connected with the other attendee, and once the request is approved, you can start video chatting with them.

  • When the Connect button is clicked, it changes to "Sent"

  • The other attendee should receive a notification badge on the bell icon after you click Connect

  • When the other attendee approves the connection by clicking Connect from the notification, the Sent button disappears and is replaced by a video button, and the other attendee is added to your My Connections tab

  • When you are connected with another attendee, you can start a one-on-one video meeting with them by clicking the video button

  • Note: You may only have a video meeting if your connection is approved or if a meeting appointment is approved

  • Note: When you connect with another attendee in one event, you will stay connected in the next event you participate in!

On your end:

On the other attendee's end:

Chat with an Attendee

To chat with an attendee, you don't need to be connected. You can send private messages to them by clicking the Chat Button.

  • When the Chat button is clicked, the existing chat on the right side updates to a private chat between you and the other attendee.

  • When you receive a reply from the other attendee, you should see a notification on the upper left side of the chat.

Meeting Request with an Attendee

Clicking the Meet Button allows you to request and schedule a meeting with another attendee. When the meeting is accepted by the other attendee, you can start video chatting at the scheduled time and date.

  • When the Meet button is clicked, it should open up the option to select the date and time for the meeting.

  • When the request is submitted, you will get a notification that the request has been sent.

  • When the request is submitted, the other attendee should receive a notification in the virtual event hub if they're logged in and an email if they're not logged in.

  • The appointment will be added to your calendar when the other attendee accepts the meeting request.

  • When your meeting request is not accepted yet, you should see that meeting request under Created Meetings.

  • When you have an upcoming meeting, you will see a pop-up notification asking if you would like to join the meeting in the bottom right of the Virtual Event Hub.

On your end:

On the other attendee's end:

Note: Meetings cannot be scheduled before or after an event.

One-on-One Video Meeting

When a video call is initiated through the video button or start meeting button, it should prompt to allow microphone and camera access on the browser. Before joining the meeting, you'll also be asked to select your microphone, speakers, and camera device. The other attendee should see a pop-up to accept or decline the video call.

On your end:

On the other attendee's end:

When both parties accept, you can start your live video call!

Note: If you're on a call with someone, there will be no indicator that you are currently in a call if someone is viewing your profile in the People tab.

Conference Video Meeting

To invite another person to join the video call, click the invite icon (3 people icon) at the bottom area of the video call. Select the name of the other person and click Invite.

Note: You will only be able to invite people who have connected with you.

Once the attendee accepts, they will join the video call.

Customizing Your Meeting Availability

Click your profile and go to Meetings & Connections. You'll be able to set up your availability when you click on Schedule.

Note: If an attendee chooses to hide their contact information from exhibitors, only their names would appear in the leads list. Also, if an attendee chooses to hide their profile, they will not appear in the people tab. Click here to learn more about editing your profile.

Download Connections

Attendees will now be able to download a list of the connections made throughout the event in CSV format. This will be located on the My Profile page.

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