Meetings Through the Virtual Event Hub

Engage with other attendees in real-time through a live video call by inviting them to join you in a virtual meeting within the event!

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The Meeting Feature

This feature is a great way to connect with other attendees by scheduling meetings during the event and meeting through a video call.

Note: Meeting through a video call is unavailable in the attendee app.

Request a Meeting

Request and schedule a meeting by clicking the Meet Button on the attendee's profile tile in the People tab.

A panel on the right will appear where you can select the proposed meeting date, time, timezone, and location (for in-person) and add a note. Click the Send Request button after finalizing your meeting details.


  • Meetings cannot be scheduled before or after an event in the virtual event hub.

  • Meetings can be scheduled in the app, but the virtual meeting cannot occur; it will only work through a browser.

Meeting Request Notification

After sending the request, the other attendee will receive a notification:

If they are ONLINE

They will get a notification badge on the bell icon.

If they are OFFLINE

They will receive an email notification.

Accept a Meeting Request

To approve the request, click the Accept button from the notification email, bell icon, or the Calendar icon to show the panel for all your meetings.

Meeting Approval Notification

Once the meeting is approved, the requestor should get a notification through the bell icon, and the meeting status will change to "Upcoming" in the My Agenda menu. There is no approval notification through email.

There will also be notifications if the meeting is rejected or if there is a request to reschedule.

Meeting Reminders

Five minutes before the meeting, both attendees should see a push notification with a button to Go to My Meetings. When the button is clicked, it will redirect to the My Agenda tab, where they can view all their meetings.

As an event admin, you can customize the message and time for the first push notification meeting reminder.

Then, a second push notification will be sent one minute before the meeting with a button that says Join Meeting. This reminder is not customizable.

Start a Meeting

To access meetings, click the push notification button or the calendar icon in the virtual event hub to open the My Agenda menu. In this menu, they can see all their upcoming, requested, and rejected meetings. Attendees must click the Start button in the My Agenda menu to initiate the video call.

After clicking the start button, a pop-up will appear where you can set up your microphone and camera settings. After saving, both attendees should appear on the screen if the cameras are turned on.

Accept the Video Call

The receiver of the call should see a pop-up to accept or decline. And once they accept, they will also get the chance to set up their microphone and camera.

After you set up your microphones and cameras, the video call/meeting will begin.

End the Call

To end the call, simply click the red phone button.

Invite Other Attendees to the Meeting

To invite another attendee to join the video call, click the invite icon (3 people icon) at the bottom of the video call. Select the name of the other person and click Invite. You can only invite your connections. Once the attendee accepts, they will join the video call.

Disable or Restrict the Meeting Feature

Admins can prevent all attendees or some attendees with a specific ticket type from setting up meetings. This hides the Calendar Icon in the virtual event hub and their People tab profile, and the meeting availability in the attendee profile editor will also be removed.

Even if they are not allowed to request meetings, they can still accept meetings, and once accepted, the Calendar icon will appear in the virtual event hub. If their meeting gets canceled, the calendar icon will disappear.

Note: Some settings may not apply to the attendee app. Please check the article below.

Schedule Meetings for Attendees

Event admins can schedule meetings for two registered attendees. This allows event admins to input confirmed meeting schedules for attendees before the event opens. This way, attendees can see all their appointments when they enter the event.

Meeting Schedules for Exhibitors

When an attendee books a meeting with an exhibitor by clicking the exhibitor's calendar icon from inside the booth, the exhibitor will see in the My Booth's Meeting tab that that time has been blocked in their calendar. From the Meeting tab, they can click on the meeting to see the details and change the meeting status to confirmed.

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