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Schedule Meetings For Attendees
Schedule Meetings For Attendees

Schedule 1:1 meetings with registered attendees before and during the event to manage your schedule and maximize attendee engagement.

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Schedule Meetings for Event Participants

As an event admin, you can schedule meetings for two registered attendees. You can input confirmed meeting schedules for attendees before the event opens. Attendees can see all their appointments when they enter the event through a browser or the attendee app.

  • Go to Engage > Meetings

  • Click Schedule Meeting

  • Search for the attendees by name, email, or company

  • Select the two attendees

  • Click Continue


  • Meetings can be created and edited before and during the event.

  • Meetings can only be scheduled for ticketed event participants, so if you need to schedule meetings for speakers or exhibitors, grant them a ticket.

  • Attendees with refunded or deleted tickets will NOT be displayed.

  • Meetings can have only two participants.

  • Complete the Meeting Details and click Create at the bottom to save the meeting.

Meeting Title

  • This is required and will only be displayed in the admin console. There is a character limit of 50.

Choose a timeslot

  • Date - the dates available are only your event dates

  • Timezone - The default timezone selected is the event's timezone.

  • Duration - choose between 15, 30, 45, and 60-minute durations

  • Times all participants are available - this will show the timeslots available for both attendees.

  • Add a note - This is optional and will be displayed in the description field for the attendees in the virtual event hub. There is a 250-character limit.

Edit the Meeting

The scheduled meetings should appear as a list in the Meetings tab. You can click the three-dot menu to edit or delete the meeting.

Meetings in the Virtual Event Hub

When attendees enter the virtual event hub, they should see the meeting through the Calendar icon to the left of their name. They will see the name of the person they are meeting with, the meeting date and time, and the description.

  • Attendees will not be notified when an event admin creates, rescheduled, or cancels a meeting. They will know they have a meeting when they log in to the virtual event hub and check the calendar icon for meetings.

  • The Start button will stay grayed out until the meeting's scheduled time.

  • Admins and attendees can reschedule or cancel the meeting if it hasn't started.

  • If attendees make any changes, they will also be updated in the admin console.

  • If the attendee rejects the meeting, it will be deleted from the admin console.

Meetings Analytics

All meetings can be found under Analytics > Networking > Connections. It will display the number of 1:1 meetings attended by the attendee, meeting requests sent and received, and the attendee's total and average meeting duration.

In the Downloadable Reports tab, you can find the Scheduled Meetings Report, which has all the meetings and an indicator of whether an event admin has arranged them.

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