Setting Your Meeting Availability

Make sure that other attendees can schedule meetings with you when you're available!

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Strengthen your connection with other attendees by setting up meetings with them. Ensure that your meeting availability is up-to-date by editing your profile's Meeting Availability.

How to Set Meeting Availability

  • While in the Virtual Event Hub, click on your Name and select Edit Profile

  • Go to Meetings & Connections, then click Schedule.

  • Set your availability and click Save.

    • Select Timezone - make sure to select your actual timezone so that your available times will show accurately.

    • Set your weekly hours - choose the days and times you're available to have meetings.

    • Select Meeting Duration - set how long your meetings will be.

    • Add Date Override - if you have a change in schedule for a specific date, enter the details to override the set weekly hours.

If you're using the attendee app, click your profile, go to Settings > Meeting Availability

How to Schedule a Meeting

  • Find the attendee you want to meet within the People tab and click Meet.

  • Select a date for your meeting, confirm the timezone, select a time, then click Send Request. Once the request is sent you will get a push notification.

  • The attendee that you sent a meeting request to will get notified through a push notification and through the bell icon If they are logged in. They should receive an email about your request if they are not logged in.

  • You will also receive a notification if they accepted or rejected the request.

  • You will also receive an upcoming meeting reminder 1 minute before the meeting.

If you're in the attendee app, click People at the bottom. Here, you will see the list of attendees. Click the attendee's name. This should load the attendee's full profile. Click the yellow calendar icon below the attendee's profile picture and name to send them a meeting request.

How to Find Your Meetings

  • Click the Calendar icon found on the header of the event

  • A My Agenda menu will slide from the right, and you will find your meetings there

  • In the attendee app, there should be a my Meetings icon in the lobby area.

Frequently Asked Questions

My availability has a break in the middle. Can I set this?

  • Yes, add the first set of hours, then click on the + button to add the next set of hours of your availability.

I have a different schedule on a particular day. Can I set this?

  • Yes, you may do this on Add Date Override. Select the date with a different schedule, and you may set your hours for that day.

How many minutes is the meeting duration?

  • By default, your meeting availability duration is 20 minutes, but you can select a different duration on Select Meeting Duration.

Can I set up meetings with all attendees at the event?

  • This depends on the attendee's privacy settings. Some attendees can accept meeting requests from no one, some can accept from connections only, and some can accept from everyone.

  • To change your privacy settings for accepting meeting requests, go to the Privacy tab of your profile.

Can event admins set their attendees' meeting availability and set restrictions for meeting requests?

  • Event admins cannot do this. Only attendees can set their meeting availability and choose who they'll allow meeting requests from.

Can I cancel a meeting?

  • Yes, click on the Cancel button found on your meeting in My Agenda.

Can I reschedule a meeting?

  • Yes, click the Reschedule button found on your meeting in My Agenda.

  • After sending a reschedule request, the attendee you are meeting with will receive a notification.

  • The rescheduled meeting is marked as Pending until it gets accepted by the other attendee.

Do I get a notification when my meeting is coming up?

  • Yes, there is a pop-up notification 1 minute before your meeting

  • You can click on the Join Meeting button to be directed to the meeting room

Can meetings be scheduled before or after the event?

  • Meetings cannot be scheduled before or after the event.

Can meetings happen before or after the event?

  • Meetings cannot happen before or after the event.

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