Setting Your Meeting Availability
Make sure that other attendees can schedule meetings with you when you're available!
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Strengthen your connection with other attendees by setting up meetings with them. Ensure that your meeting availability is up-to-date by editing your profile's Meeting Availability.

How to Set Meeting Availability

  • While in the Virtual Event Hub, click on your Name and select Edit Profile

  • Go to Meetings & Connections, then click Schedule.

  • Set your availability and click Save.

    • Select Timezone - make sure to select your actual timezone so that your available times will show accurately.

    • Set your weekly hours - choose the days and times you're available to have meetings.

    • Select Meeting Duration - set how long your meetings will be.

    • Add Date Override - if you have a change in schedule for a specific date, enter the details to override the set weekly hours.

How to Schedule a Meeting

  • Find the attendee you want to meet within the People tab and click Meet.

  • Select a date for your meeting, confirm the timezone, select a time, then click Send Request. Once the request is sent you will get a push notification.

  • The attendee that you sent a meeting request to will get notified through a push notification and through the bell icon If they are logged in. They should receive an email about your request if they are not logged in.

  • You will also receive a notification if they accepted or rejected the request.

  • You will also receive an upcoming meeting reminder 1 minute before the scheduled meeting.

How to Find Your Meetings

  • Click the Calendar icon found on the header of the event

  • A My Agenda menu will slide from the right, and you will find your meetings there

Frequently Asked Questions

My availability has a break in the middle. Can I set this?

  • Yes, add the first set of hours, then click on the + button to add the next set of hours of your availability.

I have a different schedule on a particular day. Can I set this?

  • Yes, you may do this on Add Date Override. Select the date with a different schedule, and you may set your hours for that day.

How many minutes is the meeting duration?

  • By default, your meeting availability duration is 20 minutes, but you can select a different duration on Select Meeting Duration.

Can I set up meetings with all attendees at the event?

  • This depends on the attendee's privacy settings. Some attendees can accept meeting requests from no one, some can accept from connections only, and some can accept from everyone.

  • To change your privacy settings for accepting meeting requests, go to the Privacy tab of your profile.

Can event admins set their attendees' meeting availability and set restrictions for meeting requests?

  • Event admins cannot do this. Only attendees can set their meeting availability and choose who they'll allow meeting requests from.

Can I cancel a meeting?

  • Yes, click on the Cancel button found on your meeting in My Agenda.

Can I reschedule a meeting?

  • Yes, click the Reschedule button found on your meeting in My Agenda.

  • After sending a reschedule request, the attendee you are meeting with will receive a notification.

  • The rescheduled meeting is marked as Pending until it gets accepted by the other attendee.

Do I get a notification when my meeting is coming up?

  • Yes, there is a pop-up notification 1 minute before your meeting

  • You can click on the Join Meeting button to be directed to the meeting room

Can meetings be scheduled before or after the event?

  • Meetings cannot be scheduled before or after the event.

Can meetings happen before or after the event?

  • Meetings cannot happen before or after the event.

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