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Disable or Restrict Meetings
Disable or Restrict Meetings

Disable the meeting feature or add meeting restrictions

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Meeting Configuration

By default, all participants can arrange meetings and define their availability. This article will guide you on modifying these settings, allowing you to deactivate the meetings feature or selectively enable it for specific ticket holders. This customization also allows you to control the precise time frames during which meetings can take place. The settings will apply both on the attendee app and browser.

Disable the Request Meeting Feature for All Attendees

If you don't want attendees to request meetings, disable the Meetings feature so it doesn't appear in the event hub.

  • Go to Engage > Meetings

  • Select the Configuration tab

  • Turn off the toggle to "Allow attendees to schedule meetings with each other."

When the feature is turned off, these items will be hidden for attendees:

  • Calendar icon in the attendee profile.

  • Calendar icon in the virtual event hub where attendees can access meetings.

  • My Meetings icon in the attendee app.

  • Meeting Availablity menu in the attendee's edit profile settings.

This global setting overrides the ticket type meeting restriction settings. When this is disabled, attendees cannot set up meetings even if the create meetings option is enabled for their ticket type.

As an event admin, you can still schedule meetings for attendees if this toggle is turned off. If they have a meeting, the calendar icon and My Meeting icon should show, but attendees won't be able to create meetings. They can only attend or cancel the existing meeting.

The option to configure push notifications for meetings appears when you allow attendees to request meetings. Please note that even if you don't allow attendees to request meetings, attendees with meetings will still receive notifications.

Disable the Meeting Request Feature for Specific Ticket Holders

If you don't want to disable it for all attendees, you can choose which ticket holders can request meetings.

  • Go to Registration > Set Up Tickets

  • Open the ticket for editing

  • Go to Advanced Settings

  • Turn off the toggle for "Can Create & Accept Meetings"

  • Click Save

Restrict Meeting Times and Duration

If you want attendees to be able to schedule meetings only at a specific time frame or duration, you can specify that schedule. You can pick what time and date all attendees can be available for meetings. Only those times will appear when they try to create meetings. This feature overrides the attendees' settings if they have allowed more meeting times in their profile.

  • Go to Engage > Meetings

  • Select the Configuration tab

  • Turn on the toggle to "Enable availability schedule"

  • Click + Add Schedule to specify the availability meeting window for all attendees

  • Click Save

In the example above, we only allowed attendees to schedule meetings on the event's second day after lunch. This way, they can concentrate on the main event activities like watching sessions and visiting the expo on the first day. We also locked the meeting duration to only 30 minutes each. If this is unlocked, the duration that would show when scheduling a meeting is the duration that they indicated in the profile.

Even though this event is multi-day, only one day is showing in the selection as there are restrictions. The available times are only within the time bracket indicated in the restriction.

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