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Push Notifications for Meetings
Push Notifications for Meetings

Remind attendees that they have an upcoming meeting in a few minutes by sending a push notification.

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If you want to remind attendees that they have an upcoming meeting, you can send push notifications, which are mainly for meetings. If logged in, attendees can see the reminder push notifications through a browser or app.

Push Notifications for Meetings

  • Go to Engage > Meetings

  • Select Configuration

  • Enable Allow attendees to schedule meetings with each other

  • Set the time as to when attendees will receive the push notification

  • Edit the message that will appear in the push notification. There are 3 merge tags available that will show the participant's name, meeting time, and location.



  • The reminder notification will be sent to both attendees of the meeting.

  • The reminder notification appears on mobile when logged in to the attendee app and the virtual event hub accessed through a browser.

  • This reminder notification cannot be turned off, even if the toggle to "allow attendees to schedule meetings with each other" is turned off.

  • This will be sent to all ticket types.

  • The icon that appears in the attendee app is the Accelevents icon and it cannot be changed.

  • The icon that appears through a browser is the attendee's profile picture or initials and it cannot be changed.

  • There is no character limit; however, please limit it to a few lines so it won't appear too congested.

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