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Connecting With Other Attendees
Connecting With Other Attendees

Expand your professional and social network within the virtual event by connecting with other registrants!

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The Connect Feature

This feature allows you to establish connections with other attendees; it's much like a friend request. Staying connected is a way to remember who you interacted with during the event and a great way to expand your professional and social networks. When you connect with another attendee in one event, you will stay connected in the next event you participate in! To connect with other attendees, log in through a browser or the attendee app, then go to the People tab to send a connection request.

Request to Connect

Click the Connect Button to request a connection with the attendee. Once you click the button, it changes to "Sent" to indicate that the request has been sent.

Connection Request Notification

After sending the request, the other attendee will receive a notification:

  • If they are online - they will get a notification badge on the bell icon

  • If they are offline - they will receive an email notification.

Accept a Connection Request

To approve the request, click the Accept button from the notification email, bell icon, or the attendee's profile tile.

Connection Approval Notification

Once the request is accepted, the requestor should get a notification through the bell icon, the connected attendee should appear in the My Connections tab, and the attendee's tile should have a green check mark. There is no approval notification through email.

What are the limitations if attendees are not connected?

Attendees are not required to connect to be able to chat and set up meetings. They must, however, be connected to each other if they would like to have access to initiate a live, real-time 1:1 video call without having to set up and invite the other to a meeting.



Not Connected

Send Private Messages



Request a Meeting



Video Call without an appointment



Note: Attendees can change their profile privacy settings to disable these actions, except for turning off the video call button if the attendees are already connected.

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