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Connect Through Peer-to-Peer QR Code Scanning
Connect Through Peer-to-Peer QR Code Scanning

Show your QR code to other attendees to establish connections instantly.

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Peer-to-Peer QR Code Scanning

This feature allows attendees to connect with other attendees in an instant during an in-person event. Instead of searching for the attendee in the app, with just one scan of their QR code, you can view their profile and add them as your connection.

The Connect feature allows you to establish connections with other attendees; it's much like a friend request. Staying connected is a way to remember who you interacted with during the event and a great way to expand your professional and social networks. When you connect with another attendee in one event, you will stay connected in the next event you participate in. You should see all your connections through the People tab in the app.

Download the Attendee App

You will need the Attendee App on your phone to use the scanning feature. The attendee app is now available for download for iOS and Android users.

Please ensure you install the latest app version to see the latest updates.

Find the QR Code in the App

Attendees will have their own QR code once they register for the event. There are many ways to access the QR code, but the best way is through the QR Scan button in the Lobby for peer-to-peer scanning. This way, the attendee can also conveniently scan another attendee's QR code to instantly see the attendee's profile.

  • Enter the event through the app

  • Click the QR Scan from the lobby

  • Click View My QR Code

Scan the QR Code Through the App

Click the Scan QR Code button from the My QR Code page from the previous step. This will open the mobile's back camera to scan the other attendee's QR code. The attendee's profile should appear on the screen right away after scanning.

Connect With the Attendee

At the bottom of the page, there's a button to view the attendee's full profile and to connect with the attendee. Once you click the Connect button, it will send a connection request to that attendee.

The other attendee should get a notification through the bell icon on top of the screen. From there, they can approve connection request.

Once approved, you'll see them added to your Connections list in the People tab.

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