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Video Calling in the Virtual Event Hub
Video Calling in the Virtual Event Hub

Call attendees through the virtual event hub and even invite more to join your conference call.

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The Video Calling Feature

This feature lets you call other attendees through the virtual event hub's People tab. When you initiate a call, the other attendee will immediately receive a notification to accept the call if they are online. Please note that this feature is only available when you access the event through a browser; it's not available through the attendee app.

Note: The video call option is not enabled as a default, and only attendees connected with you can call you. However, if you want attendees to call you even if you're not connected, you can turn on this feature in your profile privacy settings.

Start a Video Call

Click the video button on the attendee's profile tile in the People tab. While waiting for an answer, you'll see a pop-up:

Video Call Notification

If the attendee you're calling is online, they will see a pop-up to accept or decline the call once the call is initiated.

Accept the Video Call

Once the call is accepted, it will prompt both parties to allow permission to use the microphone and camera. When all settings are good, you should be able to see and hear each other.

Note: If you're on a call with someone, there will be no indicator that you are currently in a call if someone is viewing your profile in the People tab.

End the Call

To end the call, simply click the red phone button.

Conference Video Call

To invite another person to join the video call, click the invite icon (3 people icon) at the bottom area of the video call. Select the name of the other person and click Invite.

Note: You will only be able to invite people who have connected with you.

Once the attendee accepts, they will join the video call.

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