The Chat feature in the virtual event hub will allow for an engaging way to communicate with other attendees in the event. To make the chat interaction more memorable and immersive, you can use these cool chat features:

These chats allow an added level of engagement for all participants and can always be found to the far right of the screen, no matter where you are in the virtual event.

Reply Features

Aside from just replying with simple text, it will also allow you to attach a file, add emojis, react to a post, and reply to a previous comment, which will start a new thread!

Attach a file

Add an emoji

React to a post

Reply to a thread

As an admin, you can remove the option to react or reply to a post.

  • Click the 3 dot menu at the top of the chat

  • Enable or disable the react and reply options

Backstage Chat

The backstage chat allows admins and speakers to communicate privately. This is only available in the main stage and regular sessions.

  • Everyone - everyone in the session can join the chat

  • Backstage - only admins and speakers for that session can join the chat. Attendees won't be able to see the backstage chat messages.

Ban Attendees from Chat

There may be times in your event when an attendee is being distracting, or offensive via the platform chat. The ban feature will allow you to stop this attendee from continuing to post in the chat.

  • Click the Attendees tab from the chat area

  • Look for the attendee

  • Click the 3 dot menu

  • Enable Ban

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ban an attendee from all chats, all at once?

  • No. You will need to ban the attendee from each session that you do not want them to post in. Also, the ban feature is not applicable to the lobby chat, expo chat, or lounge chat.

Can I delete the chatbox all together?

  • No, the chatbox cannot be deleted. You can disable it, which means attendees won't be able to send messages, but admins can still send messages, as well as speakers in sessions and exhibitors in their booths.

  • If the chat is disabled, attendees will see a message that the chat has been “Closed”.

  • Click here to learn more about disabling chats.

Is it possible for an admin to pin specific chats and keep them at the top of the chat feed?

  • Yes you can!

Can I download the chat messages?

  • Yes, click here to learn more about downloading chats.

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