It is necessary for event organizers to be able to communicate with each other without being seen by other event attendees. You can conveniently do this through the #Event Staff channel in the chat area of your Virtual Event Hub.

To use the #Event Staff channel, expand the chat area by clicking left arrown [ < ] found on the upper left side of the chat area.

Under Channels, select the channel labeled #Event Staff (Staff Only) and begin chatting with your team.


Who can see this channel?

  • Only event admins and staff can see this channel. Attendees, Speakers, and Exhibitors will not have access to this channel.

How can I add someone as event admin or staff?

  • On your admin console, go to Settings>Manage Team, and you'll be able to add an event admin or staff from there.

Can I rename this channel?

  • No, you cannot rename this channel.

Can I download a transcript of the chat on this channel?

  • No, you cannot download a chat transcript in the #Event Staff channel.

Can I delete messages in this channel?

  • Yes, click on the ellipsis and select Delete. You cannot retrieve the deleted message.

Can I pin an important message in this channel?

  • Yes, click on the ellipsis and select Pin.

  • The pinned message will appear on top of the chat box.

  • You can only pin 1 message. If you try to pin another message, you will receive a prompt asking if you want to replace the currently pinned message.

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