In virtual events, there will be times that you will have disruptive attendees. Whether it be someone flooding the chat or someone who is being inappropriate. With Accelevents, you'll have the option to block the attendees from the chat if they're being naughty!

Block Attendees from Chat

If you want to stop a particular attendee from posting in the session chat, you can block them from posting messages. Go to your virtual event hub and enter the session, then access the Attendees tab on the right side panel.

  • Look for the attendee

  • Click the 3 dot menu

  • Click Block From Chat

Another way to block the disruptive attendee is in the Chat tab itself, where all the chat messages are being sent.

  • Hover your mouse over the attendee and click the 3 dot menu next to their name

  • Click Block From Chat

The chat view of blocked attendees will change, indicating they have been blocked by a member of the event staff, and the field to enter chat messages will be disabled.

This block will only be applicable to that particular session, so if you want to block them on other sessions, you will have to do the same step for every session. The block feature is not applicable to the lobby chat, expo chat, or lounge chat.

If the attendee is still disruptive, you can take it one step further by doing removing the attendee from the session (only applicable to workshops)

Or removing the attendee from the event.

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