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I'm a Speaker in a Session, what do I do?

Click the studio link from your email, enable your camera and microphone, then start broadcasting!

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As a speaker, you must access the Accelevents Studio to start broadcasting. Once you are given access as a speaker, you can start testing and practicing in the Studio. Below, you'll learn the steps from start to end on how to join an event as a speaker.

Important Notes:

  • Chrome is the preferred browser to access the event page, virtual event hub, and studio. However, Safari may work better when using an iPhone or an iPad.

  • Ensure that you are logging in with the correct email address

  • If you're using Safari, you can only share your entire screen. It will not allow you to pick a window or a tab. We suggest using Chrome for better options.

  • Please ensure that you check your network quality before the start of your session through this Pre-Session Test Tool. If your network quality is unstable or inconsistent, attendees may experience blurriness and choppy audio when you're sharing your screen.

How to Start the Live Broadcast

1. Access the Studio Link Through the Invite Email

Once you have been added to a session as a speaker, check your inbox for an email inviting you to join the event. The second link is the direct link to the Studio. Click that to start practicing, or head to your session to broadcast. It will ask you to create or enter a password to proceed.

2. Enable Your Camera and Microphone

Before entering the Studio, you'll see a pop-up to set up your audio and video device. If you see a "Permission Denied!" message on top, your browser cannot access your camera or microphone. To give permission, click the icon before the browser URL, then enable the toggles from the camera and microphone. You should see a "Reload" button on the browser; click that to reload the page, and the permission-denied messaging should no longer show. If you're all set, click Save to proceed to the next step.

3. Complete or Skip the Accelevents Studio Guided Tour

If this is your first time entering the Studio, this welcome pop-up will appear, prompting you to either start a brief guided tour or skip the tour. We highly recommend you complete this tour as it will show you where to navigate within the Studio if you would like to engage with attendees, switch between backstage and session chat rooms, and where to begin the session broadcast.

4. Set Your Studio Notifications

It's important that you disable sound notifications while you are presenting to avoid any confusion and disturbance. Click Settings to update your notifications or change your other camera and microphone settings.

5. Test the Screen Sharing Feature in the Studio

If you're sharing your presentation or video during your session, it's important to test it to ensure it works. Test all the other studio tools, like your camera, microphone, chat, and polls.

Note: If you're sharing a video and it's not showing for the viewers, you may need to turn off the Hardware Acceleration on your browser. Click here to see the steps on how to turn it off.

6. Start the Broadcast

After ensuring everything works and you're ready to go live, click Ready to Start, then click Start Broadcast.


  • Only speakers listed as moderators can start the broadcast. Please check with your event organizer if you do not see the Ready to Start button.

  • There is a 20 to 30-second delay in the attendee's view. That is necessary to make the video stream scalable to tens of thousands of people. You can read more about the process here:

Once you click the Start Broadcast button, it will give you a countdown as to when it will be live. You'll know you're broadcasting once you see the LIVE indicator, and the button changes to a red Stop Broadcast button.

7. Stop the Broadcast

When you're done with your presentation, we suggest waiting up to 30 seconds before you hit the stop broadcast button to consider the delays in broadcasting. If you stop early, attendees may not see your presentation's last 15 to 30 seconds.


Important Tips to Enable Camera and Microphone Permission

If you're having difficulty entering the Studio, it's probably because some of your camera and microphone permissions are not enabled. The first step is to check permissions on your browser.

1. Allow Camera and Microphone Permissions on your Browser

  • Use the recommended browser (Chrome)

  • Enable the camera and microphone in your browser through the lock icon on your browser:

  • If the lock icon does not give you options to enable your camera or microphone, click Site Settings instead. It will open a new tab where you can enable the camera and microphone.

  • If nothing is clickable from the lock icon, check the URL bar to see if the camera icon on the right side has a red X. Click it and allow permissions. Click Done and refresh your page.

  • If it still does not work, click the 3 dot menu on your browser's upper right side and select Settings.

    • Click Security & Privacy

    • Select Site Settings

    • Check the Camera and Microphone permissions

    • Make sure to delete Accelevents from the Not allowed to use your camera list.

    • Refresh your Studio to try again.

    • Check if the correct camera and microphone are selected in the same settings menu.

2. Allow Camera, Microphone, and Screen Recording Permissions on your Device (Mac Users)

  • Open your System Preferences and select Security & Privacy.

  • Look for Camera and enable Google Chrome or other browsers you use. Do the same for Microphone and Screen Recording.

Important Tips to Make the Video Sharing Work in the Studio

To make sure that the video can be heard and seen by attendees and other speakers, the speaker sharing the video must disable the hardware acceleration in Google Chrome:

  • Click the 3 dot menu at the top-right corner of the browser window

  • Click Settings

  • Click Advanced

  • Click Systems

  • Disable Use hardware acceleration when available

  • Click Relaunch

Try sharing your video again in the Studio. Check the box for the Share tab audio so everyone can hear the audio in the video.

Supported Devices and Browsers

Make sure that your device and browser work with Accelevents.

Windows 8.1 or 10 | 32-bit and 64-bit

  • Google Chrome (latest version) - recommended

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)

  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)

macOS X 10.11 and later

  • Google Chrome (latest version) - recommended

  • Safari 10 or later

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)

Android OS 4.0 or later

  • Google Chrome (latest version) - recommended

  • Tablet and phone devices are supported

  • Some features are not available on devices without Bluetooth, telephony, or Wi-Fi

  • Kindle Fire tablets are currently not supported

iOS 10.0 and later

  • Safari (latest version) - recommended

  • Google Chrome (latest version)

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)

  • Tablet and phone devices are supported

Use our System Checker to confirm javascript, browser compatibility, and all pop-up blockers are off.

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