As a speaker, you will need to access the Accelevents Backstage link to be able to start your live broadcast. Below you'll learn the steps from start to end on how to join an event as a speaker.

Note: Chrome is the preferred browser to access the event page, virtual event hub and backstage studio link. However, when using an iPhone or an iPad, Safari might work better.

1. Access the Email Invitation

Once you have been added to a session as a speaker, check your inbox for an email inviting you to join the event.

There are 2 links in that email:

  • Virtual Event Hub Link - this link will take you to the virtual event hub > My Talks tab. This tab will show you all the sessions that you are involved in as a speaker. Access this link if you want to explore the event. When you are ready to start your talk, you can click the "Start Your Talk" button - this will take you to the backstage link
  • Backstage Link - this is the link that you click if you want to start your live broadcast. When that page opens, you will be asked to set up your camera and mic to prepare for your talk. When you're ready you can go live by clicking the Start Broadcast button

You can click any of those 2 links, but the second link is what you will use to start broadcasting live. From that email click the attached link to head over to the event page.

2. Access the Link

If you clicked the Virtual Event Hub Link, this is what you will see. Click “Start Your Talk” to access the backstage link to start your live broadcast.

If you clicked the Backstage link, this is what you will see. This is the same page that you will see if you clicked the "Start Your Talk" button.

Before beginning the broadcast of the session you can adjust your audio & video settings or upload any materials/media by clicking the “Share” icon.

Make sure that your browser allows camera and microphone access and check the volume and camera output settings of your Accelevents Studio.

When you are ready to go live, click “Start Broadcast”

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you're done with your presentation, we suggest to wait up to 30 seconds before you hit the stop broadcast button to take into consideration the delays in broadcasting. If you stop early, attendees may not see the last 15 to 30 seconds of your presentation.

If you're having a hard time logging in or using the Accelevents Studio, here are some tips to make it work:

  • Allow Screen Recording (Mac users):
    - Navigate to System Preferences, click the "Security and Privacy" icon and then choose "Screen Recording" on the sidebar
    - At the Screen Recording section click the box next to Google Chrome to allow screen sharing for the Accelevents Studio. You may need to click the unlock icon in the bottom-left
    - Next, click "Quit Now". You will not be able to screen share until you quit and restart Google Chrome
  • Enable the camera and microphone in your browser:

If you have enabled your camera, and you have more than one connected to your computer, you'll need to specify a camera that Chrome will use by default.

  • Navigate to Chrome settings by clicking on the three vertical dots to the far right of the URL bar.
  • In the settings page, search settings bar -look for the word "camera." Then click on " site settings."
  • Scroll down and click camera settings.
  • Click on the drop down arrow for menu options and select your preferred camera device.

Note: If there is only one option when you click the menu, then your computer has only one camera attached.

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