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Attendee Profile Label

Easily identify the attendee's role in your event at a glance by adding an Attendee Profile Label

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The Attendee Profile Label

This is a label on the upper left side of an attendee's profile in the People tab. You can add this so attendees can easily identify the type of attendee they interact with. This setting allows you to identify people faster without looking at their complete profile.

A good example would be an event for a school. The label can indicate what course they are taking so that other attendees can see who they may have common interests with. Another way to use it is to label whether the attendee is a student or a teacher.

This feature is only available through a browser and not the attendee app.

You'll need to create a custom question in the order form to add a profile label. The answers the attendees selected or entered in this custom question during registration will then be mapped into the Attendee Profile Label. Let's begin by creating a sample question in the order form!

Add a Custom Field in the Order Form

  • In your admin console, click Registration > Order Form

  • Click the Ticket Holder tab

  • Click Add a New Question

  • Select the tickets this custom question will apply to

  • Select the Question Type in the drop-down. You can choose any question type except for conditional and image.

  • Enter the question

  • Add the answer options if available

  • Click the Save when you are done

  • Toggle on the custom question under Include and Require

  • Click the Profile Custom Field tab

  • Click Add a Custom Field

  • Enter a Profile Field Label. This label will appear when you open an attendee's profile. It can be a shortened version of your question. (e.g., What is your role in the event? = Role)

  • From the Holder Field drop-down selection, select the custom question

  • Click Submit

Test if your Attendee Profile Label Works!

Register an attendee for your event. It has to be an attendee who has never been inside your virtual event hub. When the attendee reaches the Ticket Holder page during registration, the custom question will now appear:

Once the attendee has completed the registration and entered the virtual event hub, their profile in the People tab will show the answer they selected or entered for the custom question. This can be seen by everyone at the event.

This will also appear on their attendee profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to add the custom question in the Ticket Buyer information only and not in Ticket Holder, will the custom field still work?

  • Yes, it will still work. Any questions associated with the Ticket Buyer will be the same for the Ticket Holder.

  • If you are collecting Ticket Buyer and Ticket Holder information, the custom question selected in the Holder field must be associated with Ticket Holder.

Will the custom field work with any Question Type in the Order Form?

  • All question types can be mapped except for Conditional and Image.

  • Note: It will still allow you to select Image, and the attendee can upload an image file. However, it will not make any sense as a label, as it will copy over the image's generated file name.

How many custom fields can I add?

  • Currently, you can only have 1 custom field.

The custom field is not completely shown, how do I see the entire text?

  • If the text appears to be cut off because it is too long, a tooltip showing the entire text will appear when you hover your mouse over the custom field.

Can attendees edit or delete the custom field?

  • Yes, they can edit or delete the custom field.

  • They need to click their profile and then click Edit Profile

  • Their My Profile pop-up window will appear, they need to scroll down and edit or delete everything in the field in the custom profile label and then click Save to apply the change.

Why do some of my attendees not show the custom field in the People tab?

  • The custom label will only automatically populate an attendee's profile if it is their first time entering your event's virtual event hub. Attendees who do not have a custom field appearing on their profile in the People tab must have entered the virtual event hub before the custom label is set up. If they want the custom label to appear on their profile in the People tab, they will have to edit and update their profile as shown previously.

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