The Order Form is the questionnaire that registrants have to fill out when buying a ticket. After selecting which type of ticket they want to buy, getting their information is the next step.

As an event admin, you have the option to customize what questions you want to have in the order form and to which ticket types will these questions be asked.

In this article you'll learn to do the following:

Get Each Attendee's Information

The minimum requirement in your order form is to get the ticket buyer's first name, last name, and email address. To make sure that you also get the ticket holder's information, you'll need to enable the option to get each attendee's information.

  • Go to Registration

  • Select Order Form

  • Enable Collect both Ticket Buyer and Ticket Holder Information. You will notice that a Ticket Holder tab will appear in that menu.

  • Note: We highly recommend you turn on this option, especially if you're allowing ticket buyers to buy more than 1 ticket per transaction, to ensure that all attendees in that transaction can enter your event.

Add Custom Questions

In the Ticket Buyer and Ticket Holder tabs, you'll see a selection of the most commonly asked questions in an order form. To add one of the questions in your order form, simply enable the toggle under the Include column. If you want to require your registrant to answer the question, make sure you also enable the toggle under the Require column.

If the question you want to ask is not in the selection, you can add a new question by clicking + Add a New Question. This will open a pop-up to customize your question.

  • Question Prompt - enter your question here

  • Question Type - select whether the answer will be in form of a text, number, date, image or if an answer will be selected from a dropdown menu

  • Tickets types to apply on - select which ticket types will be asked for this question

Question Types

There are different question types that can help you gather information about your attendees.

  • Text - lets the registrant type any character in the answer field. Up to 300 characters (space included) can be typed and accepted.

  • Number - lets them add any number - registrants won't be able to type letters on the answer field, if you intend to ask a question that includes both letters and numbers consider using text as the question type.

  • Date - lets the registrant select a date in a calendar type of box.

  • Dropdown - Let's you pre-set answers to a question. Only one answer can be selected per one drop-down question. You can add as many drop-down questions as you need.

View from checkout page:

  • Image - lets registrants upload any JPG and PNG type of file. This will not carry over to their attendee profile as their headshot image. This is mainly for your records. You can find the uploaded photo file in your All Ticket Holder or All Ticket Buyer report in your Orders tab.

Other Question Options

  • Change the order of the questions - drag the icon before the question to change the order of the questions.

  • Edit a question - click the gear icon to open the pop-up for changing the information and settings of the question.

  • Delete a question - click the trash icon to delete the question completely from the choices


  • First Name, Last Name, and Email address will always be required and cannot be edited for the ticket buyer.

  • Cell Phone can be edited, but cannot be deleted for the ticket buyer.

  • The buyer and ticket holder questions orders are independent from each other. So if you want them to have the same order, you'll have to change the order for both the buyer and ticket holder.

Add a Checkout Disclaimer

The disclaimer pop-up will appear after all the questions are answered and the continue button is clicked. If they are purchasing a paid ticket, the disclaimer will appear before they enter their credit card information.

To add a disclaimer, scroll down to the bottom of the Order Form page.

The disclaimer has a description box editor so you can customize and format the content however you like:

You can have the disclaimer to have approval before they can finalize the checkout by toggling "Require disclaimer" like so:

If you're not requiring your registrants to agree or disagree with the disclaimer and you simply just want to inform them about it, the disclaimer will show up on the right-hand side of the order form. It will not show up as a pop-up.

Note: If your disclaimer content is long, registrants may have to scroll down the disclaimer in order to see the checkbox or continue button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions can I add in a form?

  • You can add as many questions as you want, but we recommend just asking them the essential questions. If there are too many questions, they might abandon the questionnaire because it's too long.

Is there a character limit on custom questions in the registration form?

  • Yes, maximum of 250 characters.

How can I remove the password field in the order form? I don't want to require a password.

  • This option cannot be removed. If it's their first time logging in to Accelevents or if it's their first time to buy a ticket, then they will be asked to enter a password

How can I remove the checkbox for "Stay up to date with Accelevents" in the order form?

  • The checkbox only appears if you add the Cell Phone field to your questionnaire. The only way to remove this is to not include the Cell Phone field on your order form.

Can I change the labels of the existing questions? (e.g. change Organization to Company?

  • Yes, just click the gear icon to edit the question

Can I have the question appear for only 1 ticket type?

  • Yes, just click the gear icon to edit the question, on Tickets types to apply on, unselect all the other ticket types, so that only those who wanted to buy this ticket will see this question.

Can I have the disclaimer only for a specific ticket type?

  • No, the disclaimer will appear for all ticket types

What information will be carried over to the attendee's profile in the virtual event hub?

  • First Name, Last Name, Job Title, and Organization

Is there a checkbox option from the type of questions?

  • Yes, this is only available for the Enterprise Plan.

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