Events bring people together, but it's also a great place to sell merchandise to attendees. It's a brilliant way to make profit in addition to ticket sales.

To get you started, here's a guide on how you can sell items in your event!

Create an Add-On

  • Go to Registration

  • Set-up Tickets

  • Select Add-Ons

  • Click Create Add-On

Add-On Settings

  • This add-on has multiple prices or varieties - allows you to include price ranges on the item or item variation.

  • Name – name of item you want to sell

  • Quantity – total number of items you want to sell

  • Price – set the selling price of the item

  • Fees - select whether to pass the fees to buyers or absorb the fees. Click here to learn more about Accelevents Fees.

  • Sales Dates - set when the ticket will be available to purchase and when it will end

Advanced Settings

  • Tickets allowed per order - set the number of items that can be bought per transaction

  • Bundle type - select whether you want to sell individual items or bundle / group items

  • Ticket Visibility - allows you to hide / show the ticket type from your event page

  • PDF ticket in confirmation email - allows you to add a pdf file for the ticket attached to the confirmation email

  • Ticket Description - allows you to add a description on the ticket that would appear in the PDF file and will allow you to show the ticket description when someone is trying to purchase from your event page

Add Multiple Prices or Item Varieties

If your item has more than 1 price point or if it has different variations like size or color, enable This add-on has multiple prices or varieties.

  • Category Name - add a name for the item

  • Quantity - number of items you want to sell

  • Add Variation - allows you to create a new item under the same category with different pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an attendee purchase multiple add-ons?

  • Yes, they can! The only limitation with add-ons is that it can’t be purchased alone, they need to buy a ticket too in order to buy an add-on item.

Can I add a picture on the add-on?

  • There isn't a way to add images within the Add-On itself, but you could include pictures of your add-ons in the About tab of the landing page.

How am I going to collect the attendees shipping information?

  • You can create custom questions and set them to be a requirement for attendees to fill out in the order form. Set this up by going to Registration > Order Form.

Where can I find the shipping address of the attendees who purchased add-ons?

  • You can see them in your attendee data! From your admin console, click Attendee > Orders > Download Ticket Holder/Ticket Buyer. There should be a column for the attendee’s listed address.

How are add-ons billed?

  • Add-ons are billed at our standard fees, you are charged at the rate of 20% of the sale.

Can add-ons be used for both in-person and virtual events?

  • Yes

If I'm selling a physical product, how can they receive the item?

  • There is no option to arrange delivery through Accelevents right now. You will have to use a service or application outside of Accelevents.

Can someone buy just the add-on without buying a ticket?

  • If they do not have a ticket for the event, they cannot buy just the add-on.

  • If they previously bought a ticket, they can buy an add-on without having to add another ticket to their cart.

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