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Hidden Order Form Fields

Event admins now have the ability to hide order form fields.

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Do you already know your registrant's company, job title, or other information? With Hidden Order Form Fields, you can feed this right into your order form so registrants can skip filling out this information.

You can mark a field as hidden, and the information you input will be captured in the registrants' order.

Hidden Order Form Fields

A hidden field lets event admins include data that cannot be seen or modified by registrants when the order form is submitted. Event admins can see this data through the edit button in the order and when the Registration Data Report is downloaded.

Hiding an Order Form Field

To set this up, open your order form field for editing. If you still need to create a custom question, click here for the tutorial.

  • Below the question prompt, tick the checkbox to "Make this field hidden."

  • When a question is hidden, there is an option to add a Default Value. If you enter a value, the value will show for all orders.

  • Click Save.

  • Toggle to include the question in the order form. It cannot be toggled as required since it is hidden.

Editing a Hidden Field's Value

  • Go to Attendees > Orders.

  • If the hidden field is under the ticket buyer order form, click the 3-dot menu for the order and select Edit Buyer Info.

  • If the hidden field is under the ticket holder order form, click the 3-dot menu for the attendee and select Edit.

  • Edit the value for the field and click Update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all the available form fields be marked as hidden?

  • No. First Name, Last Name, Email, Cell Phone, and Country cannot be hidden.

Can custom fields be marked as hidden?

  • Yes.

Can all question types be marked as hidden?

  • No. The image question type cannot be marked as hidden.

Which reports will show the hidden fields?

  • It will show in Registration Data, Ticket Buyer Data, and Ticket Holder Data.

If I make changes to the default value of the order form field through the settings, will the value change for the existing orders?

  • No. It will only apply to new orders.

Will hidden fields be available for integration mapping?

  • Yes. Currently, it can be mapped on Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo.

Will the hidden field appear in the order if add it after the purchase?

  • Yes.

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