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The Exit Intent Pop-Up

Grab your registrants' attention if they haven't completed their purchase!

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As you know, building a killer event page is half the battle in terms of getting people to your site and buying tickets. However, a lot of people may come to your site, stay for a few seconds, then leave never to return again.
Using our exit intent feature, you can help capture some of those soon-to-be-leavers and turn them into ticket sales. The message in the exit intent pop-up will encourage the user to complete their checkout, even providing a countdown to your event to encourage them to finish their checkout.

The Exit Intent Pop-Up

The Exit Intent Pop-Up is a window that appears when a user is about to leave the ticket checkout page without finishing the transaction. Its purpose is to grab your attention before you leave the site. In Accelevents, the pop-up intends for the user to finish the registration.

This window will only appear if the user moves the mouse towards the browser's close button on top while they are in the checkout process. Users can close this pop-up by clicking the X at the upper right or the Finish Registering button. The pop-up appears only once during the checkout process.

The pop-up will have your event name, logo, and a countdown to when the event will open. The information and content in the pop-up cannot be edited, but you can disable the pop-up.

Enable / Disable the Exit Intent Pop-Up

The exit intent pop-up is turned on by default, but you can turn it off if you don't require it for your event.

  • Go to Registration > Order Form

  • Scroll down and disable the toggle for Enable Exit Intent Pop-Up

Turning off the exit intent pop-up also turned off the automated Abandoned Cart Email.

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