Conditional Questions

Learn how to add conditional questions to your order form.

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The Conditional Questions feature allows you to add a question to your order form and a follow-up question depending on the registrant's answer. You can have registrants choose from a multiple choice or have them enter their answers.

Add Conditional Questions to Your Order Form

  1. Create a New Question

    • On your admin console, go to Registration > Order Form

    • Click Add a New Question

  2. Customize your question

    • Select the Ticket Types that the question will apply

    • Select Conditional as Question Type

    • Write your question in the Question Prompt field and add the answer choices to the Option 1 and Option 2 fields.

    • If you want more answer choices, click on + Add Option.

    • To remove an option, click on the X next to it.

    • If you want the registrants to be able to write their answers, click on Add "Other" Option

  3. Create a sub-question

    The sub-questions you create will be based on the answer to the initial question.


    If the attendee answered Option 1, the next question is Sub-question 1

    If the attendee answered Option 2, the next question is Sub-question 2

    • After setting up the initial question and answer choices, you can add a sub-question by clicking Add sub question.

    • Choose an answer from the original question.

    • Add a sub-question and answer choices.

    • Repeat everything in Step 3 until you have created sub-questions for all the answers to the initial question.


      • If you've already created a sub-question for an answer, the answer will no longer appear in the "If Attendee Choose" dropdown because you can only create one sub-question per answer.

      • If you've added the "other" option for an answer, you cannot create a sub-question for that option.

      • Since you're adding sub-questions, that means you're also adding sub-answers. You can create more sub-questions based on the sub-answers.

  4. Test if it Works!

    • Sign up as an attendee on your registration page.

    • Choose different answers to your conditional question and see if it will redirect to the correct sub-question based on your answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add another sub-question for the same answer?

  • No, only one sub-question can be created per answer.

Can I add a sub-question for an answer from another sub-question?

  • Yes, you can. The answer will show in the dropdown for If Attendee Choose

Can I add a sub-question for those that answered with "Other"?

  • You cannot add a sub-question for the "Other" choice.

How many sub-questions can I add?

  • You can add a maximum of 6 sub-questions.

Is there a character limit for the question field?

  • Yes, there is a limit of 250 characters.

Will their choices appear in a report?

  • Yes, you can download the Ticket Buyer Data. All answers to the order form questions and sub-questions will be there.

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