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Item Reservation Through Kiosk Check In
Item Reservation Through Kiosk Check In

Ask attendees to reserve an item or a slot during check in

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Reserve an Event Item While Checking In to the Event

This feature allows you to add a multiple-choice question that attendees will answer while checking in to the event through the Kiosk, with a limit of how many times the answers can be selected per event.

This is particularly useful for items with limited availability, such as specific t-shirt sizes, limited menu items, or limited meeting time slots. Attendees will be alerted in real-time if the item they chose is unavailable - the item will be greyed out from the selection.


  • This feature is only available for hybrid or in-person events using the Kiosk.

  • This feature will only work if you're using the Badge feature.

  • Please ensure you install the latest app version to see the latest updates.

1. Create the Multiple Choice Question

  • Go to Registration > Order Form

  • Select Ticket Holder

  • Click + Add a New Question at the bottom

  • Select the ticket types that should answer this question upon check-in

  • Select Drop down for Field Type

  • Enter the question in the label

  • Check the box to Make this field hidden

  • Enable the toggle to limit capacity per option

  • Enter the answers in the option fields

  • Indicate the number of times the answer can be chosen in the Capacity

  • Click Save when you're done, and make sure the question is included.

2. Add the Question to the Kiosk

  • Go to Event Design > Kiosk

  • Select the Confirm tab

  • Turn on the toggle to Show Information Confirmation

  • Enable the toggle for the question and make it editable under the Display Fields

  • Click Save

3. Create a Badge

Design a badge through Registration > Badges and ensure a badge is assigned to all ticket types. We suggest adding the question (custom field) to the badge, especially if the badge serves as proof of item reservation for claiming purposes.

That's it! The multiple-choice question should appear on the Kiosk's confirmation page before printing the badge. If the choice is no longer available, it will be greyed out.

In the example below, chicken is no longer available upon check-in, so the attendee has to choose another option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the analytics on what item the attendee chose?

  • You can download the Registration Data from Analytics, and there will be a column for the custom question you created.

Will this work if the attendee checks in from a different page (not Kiosk)?

  • No, this is only available in Kiosk mode.

Why do we have to hide the field?

  • So that the field won't appear during the registration process and will be available only through the Kiosk check-in.

Can I still change the capacity after the event opens?

  • Yes, you still can.

Can I still add choices after the event opens?

  • Yes, you can.

Will the item be returned to the capacity count if the attendee checks out?

  • No, it won't.

What if there are no more items left?

  • They will still see the list of items, but they will be grayed out. You can add another option, for example, "other," for them to choose once all the items have been chosen.

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