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Check In Attendees to Sessions Through the Admin App
Check In Attendees to Sessions Through the Admin App

Use the Accelevents Admin App to check-in attendees to their sessions!

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The Session Check-In feature allows event admins to check in attendees to sessions through the admin app by scanning the attendee's QR code, searching the attendee name, and simply clicking the check-in button.

To use this feature, download the Admin App to your iOS or Android device.

Please ensure you install the latest app version to see the latest updates.

Session Check-In Page in the Admin App

The steps to get to the session check-in page are slightly different when accessing an iPad and mobile phone. Follow these steps to get to the session check-in page.



  • Login to the iPad Admin App

  • Choose the event from the Active Events page.

  • Select Session Check In

  • Login to the Mobile Admin App

  • Choose the event from the Active Events page.

  • Select Event Ticketing & Check In

  • Select Check-in

  • Select Session Check In

Session Check-In Through Attendee Search

After selecting the session, search for the attendee through the search bar or scroll down to see the attendees list. Then, click the button with a check next to the attendee's name. The check button should turn green after checking in the attendee to the session. There's also a notification that appears at the bottom.

Session Check-in through QR Code Scanning

If the attendee has provided the QR code, click the blue QR scan icon at the bottom to scan the QR code, then click Check In.

A notification should appear at the bottom after checking in the attendee. Click the back button and search for the attendee. The check button should turn green.

The Admin App has an Offline Mode that lets you check in attendees even if you encounter internet connection issues. Attendees are automatically checked in once your connection is restored. Click here to learn more about Offline Mode.

Session Check-In Through the Kiosk

If you're using an iPad, there is an additional feature called Kiosk Mode in the admin app, which, when enabled, will allow attendees to check in to sessions on their own by scanning their QR code or entering the information.

After selecting the session on the Check-In screen, click the "Activate Kiosk Mode" button.

Once in Kiosk Mode, attendees can select whether to check in by QR code scanning or entering their information.

While in Kiosk Mode, attendees won't have any access to the other features of the admin app. You will be required as an admin to enter the Kiosk PIN to exit kiosk mode.

Session Check-In Page Through the Staff Portal

If you're not using an iPad or mobile, you can access the Staff Portal to check in session attendees.

Session Check-Out

If you need to record whether an attendee stayed for the entire session or not, you can require them to check out of the session when they exit the session venue.

  • Admin App - Click the green checkmark next to the attendee name; the checkmark will turn white when checked out.

  • Kiosk - Scan the QR Code or select the attendee. Then click the Check-Out button.

  • Staff Portal - Click the Check-Out button

Admin App

Kiosk Mode

Staff Portal

Note: Attendees can be checked in again if they are checked out.

Session Check-In Analytics

You can go to the Analytics tab in the admin console to see a list of attendees checked into the session.

You can also download the Individual Session Report to find each attendee's exact check-in and check-out time.

Here is a sample of the report:

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